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I like to think c! slimecicle was sliced in half before falling in the lava like a slime 👍 /dsmp /rp
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RT @ODante_caoscaos: Cara eu sei que é óbvio, mas as vezes precisa fakar o óbvio. NÃO. SE. PIRATEIA.OBRA.NACIONAL. PRINCIPALMENTE SE FOR PROJETO INDIE CARALHO.
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RT @DanCrenshawTX: Anyone still falling for the left’s gaslighting on racism is intentionally living in the Matrix at this point.
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RT @xavierofficials: its december next week, time flies when your life is falling apart
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RT @777jorgeivan: December is actually next week? Time flies when your life is falling apart
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@JasonNweather Jason, its a Cold 29 degrees w/a feel like 25 degrees w/snow falling in Parma w/cloudy skies & Light…
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Fuck I’m so tired I’m Fr falling asleep
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@reversexhermit mm...? the falling out, right? [tilting her head.] i really don't mind if you tell me, mizuki. if…
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RT @deathbyhibachi: The Constant State of Falling Apart #Art by Michael Kulick
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RT @PalmerReport: Dr. @PeterHotez says there’s reason for “concern” over the new variant but “the sky is not falling.” Experts say t…
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Talley takes a pitch 5 yards for the touchdown. Onalaska gets closer and only needs a minute to do it. Kalama's le…
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@ghoulmyers it's the first time he's seen his little brother in ages and it's because he's falling apart in his arm…
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RT @DrifterShoots: Something like falling in Love
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RT @armyspoke_news: 🛥The 36th Ranger Force Regiment, Naresuan Force helped a 7-year-old boy with a broken left arm after falling off th…
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RT @00Y4NG_: -can't help falling inlove a #mahae/#markhyuck au wherein they are totally stranger to each life. Dos is a famous…
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RT @lejinjin: Success is falling nine times and getting up ten. #birds #PhotoOfTheDay #nature #NaturePhotography…
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RT @xPADOz: 골든차일드 최애곡 소트 (211128 ver.) ₍ᐢ..ᐢ₎♡̷ [ ] * 요청이 있어 DDARA 앨범까지 업데이트 해두었습니다! 다른 분들 결과가 궁금해서 만…
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RT @TrulyIntuitive: Channeled Love Messages ❤️‍🔥 Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius -Involved with other people sexually but not emot…
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the way i have to stream falling through YOUTUBE because im too poor for a streaming service rn that’s sad
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RT @DataIsBACK1: See so many mfs on here falling for the "I'm not like other girls" ploy. Just because she makes the crime statist…
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