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A male’s testicles hang at different lengths so they don’t damage each other or collide when running/sitting.
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RT @Certifiedopeboi: A lady throwing the fact that she has other options in your face every single time is a big red flag
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RT @PhillyD: He killed a man in broad daylight, on video, and we still didn’t know for sure if he would actually be held account…
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@Therealdemonle1 @GeorgeAndison @John2Win @MattHancock The fact that SNHS has more doctors, nurses etc., is better…
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@tarvax @PauDiano @pattiechoo @tinapperez @kemreexa Just because GMA NEWS made this kind of issue for the first tim…
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RT @astavlog: we need a fact check! how tall is haruto now I mean look at him @treasuremembers
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RT @profamandakirby: I am going to create a new series of free Neurodiversity 101 fact sheets for schools and parents. What are the key…
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@EDYStorm @ErilarRa @ChibiReviews Yeah, because he failed to understand how tough the situation is, that's a fact,…
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Best nya orang order Mini Sejadah ni bagi dekat kawan untuk birthday. The fact that kawan dia ingat birthday tu pun!!! Baiknya!!! ❤️😍
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Great energy fact on @BBCRadio2 this morning from the @qikipedia elves! 💡 f we turned off all the power generator…
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RT @JuneSummer1: This is a historical moment. Jesse Jackson has been in this fight for a long time. The fact that he’s able to witne…
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@gagasifm @SamsungMobileSA I am a compassionate go getter, I am always looking for a new thrill in life. Something…
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RT @rachitseth: PM was telling us that we are putting up new oxygen plants. Fact: 700% Increase in Export of Oxygen as compared f…
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The fact that my son is surrounded by so much love 24/7 makes my heart happy. I really chose the best dad for him 🥺❤️
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RT @Actor_Siddharth: You are not a Covid warrior @drharshvardhan. You in fact are an ally of Covid. Keep on murdering people in the na…
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RT @Tradermayne: The fact that there is an $ASS token and I'm not making money on it is unacceptable.
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RT @Murky__Meg: I love the fact that Kate just gets on with being a mum, giving the children a semi normal childhood!
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@IyahBa Yes! Dunkel biers are what convinced me I did not, in fact, hate bier... only Amerikkkan beer...a lot like…
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RT @j4esahii_: why is no one talking abt the fact that we got beret doyoung again/?{?/~/?
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RT @Emperor_Damy: 99% of my sadness is solely based on the fact that i’m not rich yet.
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