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@matloff @daniela_witten It’s the linear mapping version of an epi-mono (surjective-injective) factorisation of an…
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5 Important Exponents in the Feminist Literary Criticism via @YouTube All of them worked…
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The importance of speech on the inner state: speech is the most important thing in the world, said Ogotemmili, a Do…
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RT @LiamPaulCanning: Nemanja Matić deserves the contract extension until 2023. Pivotal player in Manchester United's turnaround this season.
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RT @number1munko: One thing i love about the MK VII is that the head sits up higher. The Noble 6 figure head, and by extension the MK…
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RT @jaboukie: *laughs in extension cord*
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RT @TELEMUNDO52: Los solicitantes tienen 60 días adicionales.
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HOMT LTD. is raising funds for the foundation of our single model MVP, leading acquisitions, innovation improvemen…
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@thehill So by extension, every homeowner in America lives on stolen land. Whatever you say, Duckworthless.
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Gold spot Intraday: intraday support around 1771.00. Pivot: 1771.00 Our preference: long positions above 1771.00 wi…
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RT @jaboukie: *laughs in extension cord*
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RT @LaPazColombiani: Qué hijo favorece al ASESINO (Álvaro Uribe) de su Padre? Rodrigo Lara, quien con su propuesta de Extensión Retroact…
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RT @TSNBobMcKenzie: NHL and NHLPA continuing tonight to work on finalizing a tentative agreement on the all-important CBA extension Mem…
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RT @jaboukie: *laughs in extension cord*
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RT @lauren_panzella: I just started my own lash extension business and I am starting to take appointments today! I am currently in State…
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RT @jaboukie: *laughs in extension cord*
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RT @CNNPolitics: The White House says President Trump has signed an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program into law…
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COSCELIA 6PCS Poly Nail Gel Nail Extension Tools Kit UV Builder Gel | Beauty,Nails,Manicure
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RT @collingall: Mode needs something smaller than is currently made to get it all to fit. So I had to make a custom extension cable…
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RT @warrenhakel: @ImThotagamuwa Likewise fam.. He's done such a tremendous job thereafter and credit should be definitely given wher…
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