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RT @MarthaKelly3: Still having a hard time with the fact that we can’t count on a free election and we are expecting some of our curr…
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RT @steIIarchris: yes we watched smtm only for changbin and yes we will complain about him not passing despite doing amazing, we’re s…
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RT @ReporterJim: Was not expecting a flood event this significant here in Manasquan this morning. Full moon + yesterday's Zeta plus…
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RT @zubaidah_x: A lot of relationship problems wouldn’t even exist if people would just treat their partners with the same energy t…
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RT @EditiEffiong: Mr Bakare obviously didn’t come expecting hard questions. Pressed on the fact that the Lagos State and other arms o…
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RT @EzMacArt: Anyone else kind of expecting violence in the United States no matter which way the election goes? I mean, more violence than usual.
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@siwa_phiwe people be expecting to see the same person
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@zenmagafrica Will be expecting you 😁. Which of the stores are you going to?
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@a__vanita Still Waiting n Expecting mine.
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Am expecting Wizkid to be on the album.if you av not done dat den go me do @TiwaSavage
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RT @JenaGriswold: 👏 Over 2.2 million Coloradans have voted! 👏 We’ve now surpassed 79% of total turnout from Colorado’s 2016 general…
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Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results. #Bot
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@the_tpa When will @the_tpa start lobbying against taxpayers money being given to Tory Party cronies WITH NO TENDER…
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$SGEN Q4 sales forecast for its Adcetris antibody and drug combination to a new range of $650 million to $660 milli…
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@charity77125917 But there certainly weren't expecting him to dominate his teammates and F1 so bad that he'd win 6 of their 7 chips
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@Baabyj21 Honestly expecting a slaughterhouse
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I wasn't expecting Jongkook in black cat nero lol
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@gboyegaakosile1 What of the bridges which carry 2 lanes, are we expecting more? If not please help clear the veget…
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Gonna have to ask all of you to stop expecting things from me
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