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RT @lucyflight: Even if every single one of us followed the same ‘diet’ and exercise routine, we would all still have different bod…
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RT @actionhappiness: Ways to boost your happiness hormones: 🎯 Make progress towards a goal (dopamine) 👍 Focus on what's gone well (serot…
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Exercise my 3rd eye 👁
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@lakshya_hirani Everyone should exercise their Right to Information. And, if somebody needs any help from @RTIwala
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RT @cassiltoun: We love welcoming young people to volunteer with us so they can share their skills, learn new ones and achieve Awar…
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@davidintheforc1 @h_davey There is a reason: we're *supposed* to stay in our homes except for essential work, exerc…
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@qikipedia @Rosie_Mangan so it's definitely a good brain exercise to swear
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@AnanthNatarajan At very advanced state this exercise leads to mind over matter.
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If you still have to give thought to the exercising of self-control you have not yet attained simplicity. Only one…
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ECG Stress Test tomorrow. It’ll probably the most exercise I’ve done in months!
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RT @E_C_S_S: Don't miss our next Plenary Session at 12:00 Friday 30 October! Chair Paul Greenhaff @PGreenhaff and Speakers Claud…
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RT @faadkerakhdungi: There's an usud where sid was talking abt how he hadn't done his legs exercise in 2 mnths Sid:4-4 kilo ka uthaya…
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How to Make #Exercise Fun #funexercise
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RT @conradgoodmanK: My gym trainer writes his workouts in a book Can i call it an exercise book #dryjokeswednesday
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RT @MsKellyMHayes: Are you contemplating a personal safety plan for the first time? By popular demand, here's an episode for that.
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Foot injuries 🦶 try this great mobility & strengthening exercise
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RT @prismtxt: not soobin being able to physically knock off all the members when they were all going against him,,,, and yet he's…
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RT @adepstein1: That Labour been investigated for racism shameful enough. Especially when this was once party of underdog & a ref…
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@SUGARTXXTH Mmm~ well im glad to hear I peak your interest!~ and as for my secrets... well~ some of it's my hybrid…
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RT @kashmir_watch: 🔶After abrogation of Article 370, these politicians have been left with no issues. They are trying to revive their…
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