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Some excellent #learningfromhome has been sent in by star mathematician Jayden P! Well done Jayden! 😃 Remember to…
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@TheRealRevK I have the elgato camlink which is excellent, and has caused me no trouble at all.
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RT @TopAchat: 🎁 #Concours 🎁 Gagne l'excellent #PCbyTopAchat RACKHAM d'une valeur de 2900 € ! 🔥🔥🔥 Pour participer : ✅ Follow…
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RT @KinglakeForest: Why do we oppose logging? ✔ it destroys carbon stores ✔ it takes away habitat for threatened species ✔ it makes…
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RT @FNGRGNS: [REVIEW] RESIDENT EVIL 3 is a visual treat with solid gameplay, sadly let down by its minimal amount of content. R…
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RT @ValleyCalder: 30 pallet bathrooms / sanitary ware delivery for a stunning Halifax housing development for Barclay Firth Ltd , ma…
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As usual, excellent by @JMKamensky. To underscore two points: 1) "tone at the top" from the VP, @EdDeSeve, OMB and…
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@pitchblacksteed Excellent work. Series 1 more popular than I thought?
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RT @TopAchat: 🎁 #Concours 🎁 Gagne l'excellent #PCbyTopAchat RACKHAM d'une valeur de 2900 € ! 🔥🔥🔥 Pour participer : ✅ Follow…
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@markscott82 It was an excellent article in long reads of The Guardian about implications of state surveillance after #COVID19 pandemic.
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RT @Coops_tv: "If the UK had been less distracted and better prepared when it knew COVID-19 was on its way, it is likely that the…
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RT @dawnegurl: Most excellent! People will actually have to go to a voting booth, show their actual face and hopefully an ID, and…
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RT @vmantouvalou: My co-editors @thebigbogg and @MichaelFordQC published another excellent piece on the new government job retention…
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@ChonkyOaf I do it. Excellent peoplism skills by your humans. 👍🏽
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RT @_rebelynn_: Only Kim Possible would be the captain of the cheerleading squad, excellent at school, save the world daily, and STILL get bullied at school
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@montie Excellent speech ... A trooper indeed , while many around the world a worried about their lack of…
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RT @R_akNaDekNgo_KM: We’re doing excellent guys 👏🏻 #JENIMSPORTSxMEWGULF
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@wheeliedealer @conkers3 Excellent podcast from the Pete duo, once again. Ventured to my local #PETS store as nee…
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RT @AdityaMenon22: Excellent work by @JIHMaharashtra. Across India @JIHMarkaz helping people in a quiet manner.
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@snugglor Excellent #deathnapping Tortellini 👍🏻🥰
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