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RT @Kingu_sc: #J9 can get married everyday, I'm not complaining ☺🤣 #URAIxHISOxTheSixMoons
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@LilNasX $ebxbyy hands down me everyday😇😂
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RT @emiliaburgin_3: Shoutout to people who haven’t felt ok lately, but get up everyday and refuse to quit. ✌🏻
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MrSuicideSheep is definitely my everyday mood
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RT @KSJPRlNT: @btschartdata Adding on to this. If we stream around 28m+ everyday we’ll get a debut of 200m+ for first week stream…
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@Eminem @CrookedIntriago I’m a Bay Area lyricist trying to perfect my craft everyday. I did these syllables just fo…
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Me: I’ve stayed her everyday for over a week now Him: yeah I’m going to have to start charging you rent. Me: if y…
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I’m so ready to not wake up feeling nauseous everyday. On the plus side lazy weekends in with my family are my favo…
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RT @imcruzarj: you're the best part of my everyday
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RT @delalunatarot: ☽ 𝟶𝟸.𝟸𝟸.𝟸𝟶𝟸𝟶 ☾ Today is a day of endings and new beginnings. Start fresh, be a new you with goals, energy, money &…
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RT @PardueSuzanne: Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with the people the same happ…
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Is it everyday metallic gold wine glass??? #LoveIsBlind
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RT @kjheejin: liptight.... can we talk... can we just talk... do you know how hard it is being attacked by heejin everyday stop p…
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RT @damiaqstna_: dear teachers , please give us a break from doing homework . i swear we are not robots to do homework everyday
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RT @Beagz: A few years ago during my grandfather’s eulogy, my aunt said the safest she ever felt as a little girl was watching…
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RT @muftimenk: Everyday, make a concerted effort to replace negative thoughts from your mind with positive ones. May the overthink…
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RT @NaanOfficialBC: Meet the R@W Expendablestake cares of all Limbuz D&N. Unsung Nationalist & crack the shitout of all Propaganda eve…
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y’all wake up and talk about the same thing everyday
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RT @josimnacio: Como quisiera ser un carajito de la NYU todo jiji did you read that essay on the artisan beauty of everyday objects…
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RT @NikkiGiveTheBs: I needa hurry up & move I get more annoyed everyday
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