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This episode of Power was phenomenal. But it’s so obvious who killed Ghost now. Like everybody should know after th…
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RT @deacs_gg: I think if the Bangtan boys took a look at what some of you so called 'army' say about other people, they'd be disg…
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RT @Latoya331: Social media is not everybody 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 That’s the tweet!!
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RT @I_am_Linkoln: It's so difficult to find a reliable company for work in Germany, especially here in Ukraine. Everybody has a good…
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RT @kaylaabowerss: Everybody please retweet my sister Brenna is 14 she went missing in martinsburg wv sometime last night she was last…
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RT @mtracey: Joe Rogan says Biden, Warren, and Mayor Pete tried to get on his podcast and he turned them down. "I like Tulsi and…
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RT @anpa1966: Best quotes of Lucifer: Trixie: My name's Beatrice but everybody calls me Trixie.Lucifer: That's a hooker's name.Tr…
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Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Source Remix) is #NowPlaying on @TraxDublin
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RT @JonnellCHAVEZ: It’s a lot of things happening in the world right now, pray man. Just pray for everybody.
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@shaunalshatti Would be a horrible idea for the UFC and Conor. Would be a major set back. Khabib’s a nightmare for everybody
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@MarshaBlackburn Oh, honey, you obviously don't understand a thing about this. Democrats have done their work...lot…
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RT @BleacherReport: 2 AM after a loss on the road. Dame still got time to sign everybody's autograph. Real one. 💯 (via @trailblazers)
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RT @Nash076: Half of ICE's job is harassing migrants. The other half - I shit you not - is copyright and trademark enforcement.…
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RT @lunaticopresid1: If you have under 50,000 followers and are looking to meet new people like and retweet this tweet and follow those…
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@Iovesinterlude how does she still go up to people knowing everybody’s seen the pic of her with dookie all over herself omg
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RT @mtracey: Joe Rogan says Biden, Warren, and Mayor Pete tried to get on his podcast and he turned them down. "I like Tulsi and…
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almost had went out here but everybody's hating because he shouldn't even have that Mexican on it because he doesn'…
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“Everybody dies at some point in time so I feel I’ll never love somebody the way I should, because I know it’s only temporary”
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You ain't about the bad bitch life and that's fine, anuh fi everybody
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RT @httpeepkin: everybody telling me life's short but i wanna die
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