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im too lazy to sign in to priv and unlock the acc with my phone numbers so imma just say here bc i cant keep it,,,…
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@CliffyBlyro Bin gerade mit Black Clover erst einmal wieder fertig geworden. ~70 Eps in 2 Wochen waren das :D Jetzt…
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RT @aridantt: terminei o anime de 12 eps em menos de 3 anos #ForçaFocoFé 💪😼✨
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@50PCent ei filho olha aq essa playlist c todos eps de a vaca e o frango vc vai curtir
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RT @aridantt: terminei o anime de 12 eps em menos de 3 anos #ForçaFocoFé 💪😼✨
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@GrowthStocksUK I was thinking exactly the same thing! I’ve not seen anything either 🧐 Wouldn’t surprise me if eps…
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"New Comfort en Zara, Comfortlux en Oysho, Ropa Cómoda de Casa en Lefties, LifeWear en Uniqlo. Llámelo X, pero nos…
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Morgan Stanley (MS) surprised the market with Q2 result. J.P. Morgan Chase changed the rating to Hold, as Morgan S…
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É isso time chega de one piece por hoje, cheguei no 95 amanhã 100 e por aí vai, vi mais eps hoje porque passei o fi…
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j'ai finis table 1 au ping pong en eps tout a l'heure
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RT @ZoroMins: Ion know what to tell y’all that are saying it’s so long like... no ones saying rush through it 🗿 you can watch as…
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$UNFI - United Natural Foods EPS beats by $0.34, beats on revenue
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acho engraçado apopfa querendo falar dos remixes de dynamite como se o fav estadunidense n fizesse varios eps de remix pra tentar hitar
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RT @okayplayer: #MixtapeMonday 💿 Here's every new tape you need to hear, featuring: ⚡️ @SangoBeats ⚡️ @JaRonTMarshall ⚡️ @ELZHI
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RT @two_oh_teen: seriously i want the GoSe creative team’s names to be flashed in the credits somehow for every eps. they literally…
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one of my fave eps of gose i still laugh every time i remember this 😂😂
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RT @LauraFreixas: No hay que hacer una historia feminista, sino historia y punto, reflejando la realidad, es decir a hombres y mujere…
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@twit_bourse الان باید از اون حمالی که مردم رو موش آزمایشگاهی فرض کرد و یک شبه علی رغم توصیه های دلسوزانه حرفه ای ه…
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@benueboypj_ Lmao....anyone of them dropped two Eps before 20???
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