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edify [ED uh fye] v. to enlighten; to instruct, esp. in moral or religious matters.
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RT @MyAbdool: In case You’re Reminding or doing Da’awa Know that, • People are not gonna change once! - it’s a process • Start…
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@Gizmodo This type of manipulation has been going on for a very long time. Few who watched this on television will…
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We must call upon Mr VVO Mkhize to educate the masses. He must also enlighten us about the boy who killed his fr…
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RT @poppinses: Right who the fuck is this person can someone enlighten me I’ve seen him more than my own mother this week
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@Angelauyi See you just don't get me, I am enlighten you that it's not a religious centre it's a correction centre…
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RT @iMisred: I’m trying to understand why people are so worked up about this..... Enlighten me please
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@KenyaPower I bought tokens worth Ksh.1000 via M-Pesa at 8.38p.m for MTR no. 37155944764 and among the deductions…
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“If someone has an unsteady breath, we can play along to their breathing, and...gradually make our playing steady &…
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RT @beringorca: @dizzzzziness @SagarYogendra Let me enlighten..IV is run by Indian IT mafia-Nasscom,Indian IT Outsourcing corps & N…
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RT @GarudaPrakashan: He is gifting 4 copies of Saffron Swords. Do you also wish to enlighten your friends with this gem book by…
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@1M_fans @20committee So if it wasn’t in a church it’d be ok? I’m confused at your statement, why don’t you enlighten me.
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@hellbenderLo 1. Read these eight books and enlighten yourself. Excellent way to make your platform accessible. 2…
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@dancewhre oh so some people are chosen to live an assless life or is that determined by coincidence? please enlighten me
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@Shay_House @skorea245 @617Report Is that what you think he was saying? Since you're so educated on the subject, e…
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@Mayaxy_Codm You gotta pray to @ZachVFX n hope he’ll enlighten ya ass
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@DykeSolidarity Hey, could please enlighten this ignorant American about what is going on here and why?
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@rutter_paulam @Avaldrv You sd enlighten me. Wanted to make sure u where open to it, many r not.
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RT @flyingvoyage: @SulagnaDash6 India was Hindu Rastra, Is Hindu Rastra and will be Hindu Rastra and because its Hindu Rastra there i…
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