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@CBlackburn2017 @GotJellyBeans @billmaher I've lived in the South my entire life & long as you work they no way you…
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@ConnieC61819168 Hi there. Thanks for tweeting us today. We’d like to assist, however, we’re unable to address your…
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Bruh they just be talking cause a nigga cant enjoy the pussy without hearing that shit hurts or slow down
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RT @babiejongdae: THE STAGE - special stage where obsession performance will be shown for the first time. exo & x-exo concept’s perfo…
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@ingeswonderland Congrats, and enjoy the adventure! We started doing this, and found it to be much easier than expe…
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RT @spicebae_: when you’re in love & mad comfortable w someone & you just enjoy doing dumb shit >>>>>>
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I got you guys this holiday season... Candice and I are going to show you how to ENJOY your holidays AND create fi…
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RT @indianlove1947: Earlier if petrol price rised People were calling strike Today,they enjoy high price n forget everything in the na…
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RT @Noujincx: Don’t think that I may forget you cause I never forget my special friends , enjoy your day babe😣💞💘💘💓💘💞 @Xkyun1
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@TheSciFiBard @Pandasam3194 @Earpapalooza Honestly I truly love the idea of making sure others are having the time…
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@burelandon644 Nah not really, but that sounds really cool for die hard fans! Hope you enjoy it if you get it :)
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RT @Whitleyweather: A very nice end to a beautiful day. Fan's of nice weather will very much enjoy this week. Temps will be similar to…
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@rakaromie 😂never too late. Enjoy
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How to Come Up With Blog Posts Ideas Your Readers Will Enjoy
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RT @spicebae_: when you’re in love & mad comfortable w someone & you just enjoy doing dumb shit >>>>>>
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RT @awikii: I'm listening to " ยังคิดถึงกัน (หรือเปล่า)-D2B ". Let's enjoy music on JOOX! (#JOOX)…
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@KateAustin_ @chrissyteigen @TheEllenShow Fuck them if they don’t love you for who you are they don’t deserve you.…
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RT @claricetudor_: hello here is a short story i wrote for a competition i didn't win. enjoy
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RT @parkerschmitz_: I have been making videos for 2 & 1/2 years now, but I can't say that a single one comes close to this one. I love…
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