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Stage is my life 🎶❤️🎼🎬... #music #follow #art #artist #musician #stage #live #life #Musica #light #inear #accordion…
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RT @tribelaw: “No doubt the spirit or energy of the world is what is acting in us, as the sea is what rises in every little wave;…
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RT @OpDeathEaters: By 2008, “Zampolli ... holding functions at the UN like the UN Diamond Awards Gala for Renewable Energy and The Fri…
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Won’t b happening again. Will be way more picky again and if 1 tries that imma just leave. Idc lol, it is an energy…
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RT @DustinFox37: Baker was awesome on that drive. Maybe we need to put more negative energy out into social media on him lol. #ChipOnHisShoulder
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RT @TylerHuckabee: The Gospels have a story where Jesus hides from a gang trying to force him to be king, but every four years the "Je…
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RT @no_silenced: JUST IN: California’s largest utility begins cutting power to prevent fires, affecting an estimated 1.1 million pe…
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@GreekPractice It is too soon for something like that. It is better to put all of your energy on making everything perfect.
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RT @CareyWKing: Wanna debunk Trump's debate claims that greenhouse "fumes" (?) of wind turbines are worse than natural gas? Use our…
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@moboobjun I dont like yelling but PLEASE GO EAT SOMETHING 😠 YOUR BODY NEEDS ENERGY GO NOW!!!
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RT @bankboynunu: I no longer have the energy for childish shit
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@Belive_Kinuthia He doesn't have the energy and grit to face Uhuru headon! He lost long ago and just playing along…
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has maybe been wondering about where I’ve been lately. I’m dealing with things to the best of my ability but as I s…
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RT @HPCL: Hon'ble PM Sh @narendramodi to inaugurate 4th #IndiaEnergyForum by #CERAWeek on 26th October'20 at 5:30 pm & intera…
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RT @kirillklip: #TheSwitch The future is here, not everybody can see it yet, but megatrends are manifesting themselves. #Tesla Ener…
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@blackula__ All I do is keep the same energy.
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RT @DustinFox37: Baker was awesome on that drive. Maybe we need to put more negative energy out into social media on him lol. #ChipOnHisShoulder
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i’m like full of so much energy when i get back from my bike ride and i take all of it out on twitter
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@Mike_AFC14 I don't have the energy to explain this to you sorry.
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