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RT @NephroP: #POCUS #echofirst image of the day: Carney complex - rare multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome characterized by pi…
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RT @thefancysurgeon: That’s a wrap. 9 years of surgical training later and I’m a board certified general and endocrine surgeon. There ar…
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👉Feeling weak, lethargic or fatigued to experiencing gynaecomastia! These are symptoms of endocrine disorders. ➡️…
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Saturday morning and we are just about to start a #GrowthHormone Deficiency virtual group meeting. Growth hormone i…
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@ElleInTheUK @HildegardP You have to respect my femalinity Elle, the Endocrine Society compels thee ;) !
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@NHSGIRFT @LancsHospitals Still waiting for the endocrine report due spring 2020. Too many failed parathyroidectomi…
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RT @Helen98836085: Do you know that there are different types of thyroid disease which affects mostly women unlike diabetes which can…
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@Psyop2020 Amino acid theanine and/or magnesium. Iodine deficiency also messes with sleep/wake cycles through thyroid/endocrine function.
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Distribution paths of endocrine disrupting phenolic compounds in waterbirds (Mergus merganser, Alca torda, Clangula…
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Patient presented with sweaty Deltoid Tendons requesting Ultrasound of Endocrine Glands
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RT @theklmanuel: It's always the community quarantine that is enhanced, not exactly our COVID response.
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RT @inquirerdotnet: TONY GETS THE JOKE. LOOK: Skateboard legend Tony Hawk on Twitter shared how he had to explain the humor in the cap…
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RT @ABSCBNNews: MARGIE KEEPS ON MAKING THE INTERNET SMILE! Skateboarding Superstar Tony Hawk shares finding himself in a "weird" si…
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@nesthypetecio11 Congratulations!! We are praying for you!
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RT @nesthypetecio11: Salamat po sa dasal at supporta ninyo lahat!! Isang Laban na lang po!!! #blessed #isanalang #push #thankyou
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RT @EdsonCGuido: BREAKING: DOH reports 8,147 new cases today, more than 8,000 for the 2nd straight day. It's the first time this hap…
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This job might be a great fit for you: Director/Sr Director, Operational Strategy & Planning (Cardiovascular, Metab…
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RT @usadralansari: # Minimal invasive, Robotic Endocrine surgery # جراحات الغدد بالمنظار ، الروبوت Dubai , Baghdad
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RT @jamecancerdoc: Discussion about duration of endocrine therapy will be ongoing and it will still be individ…
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Peripheral B-cells repress B-cell regeneration in aging through a TNFα/IGFBP-1/IGF1 immune-endocrine axis
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