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@RyinArmoni That was his fat ass at the end hitting the water lmao
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RT @AlyciaTyre: Thankful I didn’t end up with what I thought I wanted. I’m surrounded with the people I’m suppose to have in my lif…
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RT @nedboulting: For me, this is the gaping hole in the defensive position this government is taking: It's not "either" free school…
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RT @vanteficient: #TO_BTS things I wanted what I end to say to bangtan up saying
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RT @DiceyPrince_: This time last week some people woke up full of life, hoping to return by the end of the day only to be served the…
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did some math and i should have around 4k primogems at the end of next month if i save all of them... lets hope ill…
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RT @realsalehUG: one of my biggest and constant worries is that my death might end up being suicide
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RT @AngelaNWalker: Sex work is work, and sex workers deserve the same protections as any other worker. End, stop. I Started Portland…
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@paid4byx @JimCarrey Because all celebrities are sucking up to the "BIG GUY" . Evil will lose on the end. All light is in our favor
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RT @EyesUp_Orion: as #blacktober comes to an end please dont stop drawing black characters! here are some quick stylised tutorials on…
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RT @dimitrivdl: Children at the end of the process of vaccine supply #ESPID2020 nice presentation by Dr. Hanna Nohynek, WHO
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RT @jiggyjayy2: If one of these 2 got added to a black sitcom, you knew the show was coming to an end 😭😭💀
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RT @ewarren: May their memory be a blessing—and may it inspire us to end gun violence, to stand up and speak out against hatred,…
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RT @FOXLA: #BLUERIDGEFIRE UPDATE: Ferocious winds continue to fuel the Blue Ridge Fire, which has jumped to 15, 200 acres. See…
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RT @barcacentre: That concludes Bartomeu's final press conference as the Barcelona President. End of thread.
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RT @iamstephbeatz: Extremely off-topic, but I’m watching Emily in Paris for the second time and I’m pretty sure Camille is bisexual. T…
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RT @48tweetsofpower: Plan all the way to the end.
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How did I end up being a middle child and the oldest daughter at the same time. Life is not fair
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@Pleb4L This will come to an end sooner than it should due to that laziness and we will be the ones really loosing…
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