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@SykesCharlie And by "sweet spot" they mean exactly the same rotting trash as the rest of the cult. Every last enab…
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RT @AnnaGHughes: Many people have been using quarantine as a time to perfect their bread or coffee making skills, but I personally h…
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@King_Chris_Jr @holardamolar Messi the Goat don turn to Asun
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She’s another Trump enabler. Just like Susan Collins.
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@starry_seas YES YES YES ngl that fic was the enabler for me to write qy nsfw 😂 It's just... so so good
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@CraigEWhyte That’s the truth. The statues will be down soon #enabler Again, I would welcome a real independent in…
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1) ahhh no i dont get along with my parents very well. my dad's an asshole </3 my mom is an enabler but i love her
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RT @michaeldweiss: How Jared Kushner Became Trump's Most Dangerous Enabler - The Atlantic
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The second-most-powerful man in the White House, is quite a bit smarter than the most powerful man, his father-in-l…
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@Jim_Jordan Coming from the Pedophile enabler hilarious!!
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RT @LDeLION: Excelente artículo sobre Jared Kushner. Recomiendo su lectura. Polished, soft-spoken, and a self-styled moderate,…
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@BashirAhmaad Terrorists enabler. They blasphemed. Go and killed them.
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@Jim_Jordan Jim Jordan: -Knew doctor was molesting college wrestlers -Covered up for aforementioned doctor -Pleade…
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RT @b3OC: Divorce your improv program from stage time requirements. Paying for a class should be an exchange of $$$ for inf…
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I could have told you that as well, he has no world stage cred whatsoever maybe a little with his true enabler PUTI…
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RT @SavijSydeOfLife: @dmarcushammond_ Cant no woman " fix " a man. He needs to face his fear and get the help he needs to " fix " himsel…
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@DisneyJRoss Im a terrible enabler
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RT @moved2italy: #Gaetz is a dangerous Congressman. He is smart enough to know that Conspiracy theories are bunk and wiley enough t…
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@SarahKSilverman Kentucky doctors do write out 80 opioid prescriptions per 100 citizens, add in that they are near…
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@TwoWheelDave @waltshaub @SenatorRomney @justinamash So how is he responding to Trump amidst all this drama? What d…
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