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Emotions ran high 🚂 beginning with Rudolph ... Miles ended it with assault... at least a 6 game suspension?
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What I see from the video! Myles was doing his job and mason didn’t like it and his emotions took over so he starte…
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Absolute human piece of shit Myles Garret is. Ruined his career because he can’t keep his emotions in check. Fuckin…
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RT @bitchrepIies: I’m either too direct or don’t express my emotions at all.. there’s no in between
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RT @TIDAL: 🚀 Rising Artists of the Week 🚀 💜 R&B 😊 @KAASHMYCHECKS puts her emotions on the line with mesmerizing single "Happy…
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RT @Pyt_80: I was never taught how to express my emotions so I keep everything balled up inside. But once I get to that level t…
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Rudolph was pissed Garret finished the play and he was already mad he played terrible and let emotions get the best of him.
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RT @bitchrepIies: I’m either too direct or don’t express my emotions at all.. there’s no in between
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RT @REVENXNT96: ppl b actin like they 2 kool 2 have emotions.
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EP was narrowed down 50 different to earth-ness with its supremacy, and am totally emoing out of a half of emotions swimming
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You have to train your mind to be stronger than your emotions or you’ll lose every time.
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Look playing football shit gets done to rile up emotions and shit gets said. What Myles did was wrong, but Rudolph…
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RT @RemiAdekoya1: Morning folks! Our history series @BusinessDayNg today is the first part of a look into the events that led to Nige…
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Emotions numb but my heart still big
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@k8fail Garrett just lost his emotions this is the only and last time hopefully he does something like that ruins the game
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RT @PopCrave: .@Camila_Cabello lets her emotions out with her new song, #LivingProof. 🥀 Stream:
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@pratheesh_Hind We understand and support your emotions and stand with you. Swamy Sharnam Ayyappa.
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Self control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to a point where your mood doesn't shift based on th…
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Do I agree with what Myles did no. But holy shit people emotions run wild.
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@bbyledz The psl is giving me enough headache, I can not afford to invest my emotions on BB.
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