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RT @MarianaHirmas: Bubba Wallace isn't a victim CNN isn't news Shaun King isn't black Elizabeth Warren isn't an Indian Beto O'Rourke i…
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De acuerdo contigo Elizabeth
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@karaswisher Look at me. I'm sciencing and channeling Elizabeth Holmes.
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RT @chuckwoolery: Elizabeth Warren Says We Need New Leaders, As She Supports 50 Year Swamp Fixture Joe Biden (VIDEO)
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Elizabeth really rejoicing that she shall be quite disengaged, he coldly said: “She is wholly give me exceedingly.
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RT @extralazymom: 2020年7月16日 (木) 04:55~08:00 🔹グッド!モーニング   間宮祥太朗さん(VTR出演) 13:00~13:30 🔹徹子の部屋   出演:勝村政信さん 14:46〜15:43 (関東) 🔹BG〜身辺警護…
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RT @chuckwoolery: Elizabeth Warren Says We Need New Leaders, As She Supports 50 Year Swamp Fixture Joe Biden (VIDEO)
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@IlhanMN If you really think MedicareForAll is something all Americans want, then how come all Democratic candidate…
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RT @Reuters: Britain's Queen Elizabeth not told before Australia's historic PM sacking: archived letters
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RT @ALightWeaver1: This was very emotional for me We are here & awake to help put an end to this horrific Truth - I believe this with…
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@Elizbethperkins @Rtreatwilliams Thanks, Elizabeth. Now would it be too much trouble if i asked you and Treat to f…
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Hi yes I would like to commission some fan fiction about Ivanka Trump and Elizabeth Holmes, serious offers only. I pay in exposure
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RT @gofelem: Elizabeth summer fanart wip ( ´ ∀ ` ) #Elizabeth #ShinMegamiTensei #SMT #persona #persona3 #persona3FES #エリザベス…
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Elizabeth Warren is the smartest person in the room. She will fight for you harder than anyone else. She’ll hold yo…
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RT @syuuikikikan0: @elizabeth_munh アメリカが宇宙軍を作りましたし、この先日本も宇宙で愉快な活躍をするかも知れませんね😊💫🌙✨
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RT @BwayPodNetwork: - You Can't Say That! Episode #47 with guest, Elizabeth Arnold (Part 1) - @Variety's Stagec…
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RT @drapr007: #BREAKING : UK has begun preparations on a large scale to teach China a lesson over Chinese aggression against Hong…
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RT @HeleneShaw17: @blscottt You're in Victoria BC??? I dare anyone to find a more liberal city. All NDP and Green... not even a Lib…
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