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RT @milosmilesdude: @RonniSalt I would say to the COP26 attendees don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do: Destroyed carbon…
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RT @RoyceRk2: The uranium in Laramba's water is three times the limit recommended in the National Guidelines. Lawsuits and electi…
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RT @AliRazaTweets: #NA133 Lahore by election will be held on 5 December. Seat is fell vacant due to death of PMLN MNA Muhammad Pervez Malik.
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RT @UB5simon: John Curtice on LBC thinks that, as things stand now, the most likely outcome from a general election would be a hu…
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L'importance Des Clauses D'élection De For Dans Les Ententes Commerciales De PI By @nlawglobal
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RT @davduf: « Elle est capable de dire n’importe quoi, les yeux dans les yeux, s’agace un conseiller maître de la Cour des comp…
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RT @hello_acharya: लौरो नसमाई खोलो तर्न सकिन्न क्यार्ने ? खोलो तरी सके पछि देखा जाएगा होइन त प्रचण्ड कामरेड ?
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@Siyasat_Wallah7 @mdpathan1996 @IPSinghSp to fir election haar jate h to rote kyu ho neta ji .
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RT @JohnTwelvetrees: Please retweet if you want Labour, LibDems and Greens to form a Progressive Alliance at the next election in order…
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RT @DCReportMedia: Republicans Stack the Congressional Deck. The Big Steal of the 2022 House Election Is Well Under Way:
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RT @MPKwarteng_: The payment of "free water" used for campaign last election has crippled businesses. #KromAy3Shi
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RT @liambreathnach: @ushimituiiniku You are working very hard now as the election is so close. I wish you success and I hope you are el…
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@RedState Remember when RedState was furious about these? Me neither.
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@PrestigeRoom @dave_salford @RogervandeVelde @Wulf_Helm you an the fbpe goons starmer and swinson campbell etc lost…
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RT @nickreeves9876: Please retweet if you want the opposition parties to cooperate in the next General Election in order to get the Tor…
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RT @ChadLeClose: Election time is the wildest time in South Africa
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@nishasinghji Koi nahi sab chor hai koi chota koi bada.... Election iss desh mai band ho jana chahiye
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RT @Simonnet2: A 6 mois de l'élection Jean-Luc Mélenchon est le seul candidat qui a un programme ! M. Macron, quant à lui, ne dit…
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"I came to witness the District Chief Executive election but the police said they can't allow me to enter the room"…
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