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RT @Sequisha: A really dumb way to end the Hardcore journey in Valheim. Frigging Lox eating my barley and then body blocked me🤣…
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@msbabygate eating breakfast 🙈
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@Stanilust67 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 what u be eating
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Over time beneficial lifestyle choices such as healthy eating & not smoking can lead to better health and an overal…
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@InsanePeopleFB @MJoeBean I want video proof of this person eating it lol.
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RT @baldmiya: As the youngest in a family of overachievers and workaholics, Kiyoomi remembers his childhood being lonely. He does…
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IF YOU WANNA BE RESPECTED, THEN RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE AS WELL. It’s the simplest thing you could do as a human being…
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Like I know I shouldn’t even be eating things with Gluten but it’s hard😖
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#GenshinImpact weird bug where i had 3 of each keybind but forward and gadget had 3 different ones but some of the…
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take some time to check in on yourself today, please. drink some water, make sure you’re eating and sleeping enough.
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RT @Oneirataxia_1: @aproko_doctor They want to speak but, they need to observe table manners.. YOU CAN’T TALK WHILE EATING.
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@louvelouies IN EATING
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Is this that new artificial meat I've been hearing about? Dang I've been eating it for years without realizing it
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For reasons I don't understand twitter won't allow me to upload pictures right now. So imagine Adams is sitting in…
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RT @tteokminnie: 🐰 I repeated (a pattern of) exercising then not working out then working out... so now I'm trying to work hard to e…
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he is so perfect just casually eating his strawberry while the light falls on him & makes him glow omg this looks l…
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RT @BrandonDavisBD: MARCH IS GONNA BE GREAT. WandaVision finale. Zack Snyder's Justice League. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Godz…
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I'm never eating again fml
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RT @RT_com: The Biden administration’s decision to bomb Syria is not surprising, nor is the complete reversal of media tone com…
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