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It’s not easy to be more unpopular than Trump, but Colorado’s GOP senator has found a way 👇
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@youvegotgmail @PageSix Must be a Trump supporter. Letting the man off easy and blaming the woman. Yep sounds like…
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RT @BootyKing___: Easy go to foods if you’re trying to lose fat: chicken breast, fish, tilapia, salmon, turkey, ground turkey, sweet…
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@kylam_official mfw I’m in the bot channel struggling to get over 10 points on nugu game easy
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RT @Nasywah30005887: Setelah seminggu off Nay ON lg gaeess Ready SOLO incl 3 slot DP Excl juga bisa ko Kepoin RR by DM @My_Jilboobs
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RT @Cindtrillella: Anthony Davis at the rim when niggas think they gone grab an easy layup
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@Chukwuka_sean Guy every club will.. when a coach is good you will know.. Klopp issa real coach... guy it's not eas…
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Niggas make that sport betting shit look so easy wtf
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@CONTROLLINGICE yuki paused before taking a few steps closer to him, one arm gently placed on his shoulder. sh…
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RT @rarahazel_: Replacing me is easy but finding a vibe like mine is impossible, I promise.
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RT @BirdFromAnEgg: “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” Mark Twain #WIP #writerscommunity #writingcommunity #editing #help
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RT @Sando979: #YouTubeRewind didn’t have an Etika tribute? ...yeah that’s an easy dislike for me, boss.
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@Moon_River05 All you can do is what feels right to you and you have made the first step to mend bridges. You can o…
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RT @theaqil_: sakit kan bila you really need that person tapi org tu just take it easy problem kau
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@CNHarder I agree the reaction is overblown, but I do wish the agency had started by making it more clear she wante…
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RT @bleupoem: “I do not think I’m easy to define. I have a wandering mind. And I’m not anything that you think I am.”
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RT @Amen_Baba_: The black woman is my strong tower,my support base,my substratum. You’re astonishing! Obstacles and haters? We plac…
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RT @ThriceReadBooks: “A full, easy four-star romance worth sitting down to.” Jenn reviews Negeen Papehn’s FORBIDDEN BY DESTINY, book 2 i…
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RT @juliedawnfox: Óbidos is such a cute medieval town that it's an understandable favourite for visitors to Portugal. Despite its pop…
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RT @jakelloydii: As I watched Troy last night for the 100th time I was taken aback by Achilles’ need to be remembered. Hear me: thi…
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