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RT @PatrioticSocia1: Shocking and violent robbery of an off duty Police officer. Big mistake!
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@RoyalFamily @KensingtonRoyal If only the other royals could dedicate themselves to duty. By other I mean the rotters from Montecito
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Va a ser de la pocas veces que haga esto. Pero mi hermanito quiere vender el Call of Duty Black ops 4 y fifa 19 par…
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RT @YardleyShooting: Whatever the propaganda on TV, the truth about AZ and J&J vaccines is beginning to emerge. What I want to know thou…
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@CryptoKaleo reporting for duty sir
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RT @modooborahae: Current @BTS_twt direct endorsements (4/14): Lotte Duty Free Visit Seoul KB Bank LINE x BT21 Hyundai Mattel FILA To…
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@Blazedrt #smallstreamer @Smc_Rt @Smallstreamer #PS4live (Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®) live at
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RT @_SJPeace_: Black Activists pulled up to the home of racist Army sergeant Jonathan Pentland who assaulted and tried to oust a y…
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@LudaTheGoat Murder, abuse of authority, insubordination. They should punish cops who do this shit like they would…
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@savage_prof I think the icing on the cake for me was watching this ass say to the young Black man “what are you go…
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RT @blacrai: @tariqnasheed You can call his commander. They take this seriously. Find out where he is stationed & call the Duty…
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RT @DamonMPA: @fortjacksoncsmT The #FBI might want to examine what #JonathanPentland was doing on #January6th now too. Was he off duty by any chance?
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Happy investors sharing testimony. It's my duty to make my investors happy, financially stable and also for them to…
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RT @BaddCompani: The Price for this idiocy will be high. Relieved of Duty
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Yay ada geng 1st day report duty. :"))))
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Families demand prosecutor release video from double fatal Takoma Park shooting
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RT @Pocimop: How come this isn’t shown in MSM? @BBCNews @SkyNews
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@Philzfacts @OLWLandlords @CANADALAND It's not a personal definition. You could look at the work of @R2HNetwork eg…
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RT @sharon_johnson5: A procession for fallen U.S Capitol Officer William Evans is starting soon on Rte 75. His remains are returning to…
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RT @PlayCODMobile: 🏆We are thrilled to announce the return of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Presented by Sony beginning…
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