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RT @mylovelywar: if it’s not a couple ring then what is it they started to wear it at the same period of time and it’s similar in de…
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chaeyena dumb and dumber 😭💔
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Look lavar says a lot of dumb shit. But that “raggedy ass coach” line about Luke Walton is 10000000% correct lol
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@__leshh Almost 30 episodes lol shit dumb
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when someone mentioned dumb shit i did 6 years ago
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some of y’all really be making us cishets look dumb asf i be scared to tell ppl im straight sometimes 💀💀 yall come…
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your dumb brain: union-ized my woke brain: un-ion-ized
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This guy calls himself a ‘marxist’ and ‘fighting islam for 50 years’. How can you rejoice at an earthquake causing…
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im ngl im not even ready to see the think pieces on lil nas Halloween costume because yall just be loud and dumb
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@chisakischoker the detective thinks he’ll get information out of giran,, poor dumb kid
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Me looking at the shits dumb people put up on the internet like
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RT @PolcasCorner: Now Available for Pre-Order! ✨ TayNew Dumb x Clowns collection ✨ kindly accomplish the form once payment has bee…
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guys i am not a person but i am merely a concept and a really dumb one ❤️
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RT @waydamin: Idc where I’m at or who I’m round I’m not holding in my gas. Are u fuckin dumb?!
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RT @FTrashMan: The cultlike following of the Witcher 3 is dumb, but hating it just because the fan base is absolutely awful is equ…
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RT @dfriedman33: Many new details here on the dumb failed Bay of Pigs style plan aimed at to oust Maduro, including alleged involvem…
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my favourite artistic energy is, without a doubt, “i made this dumb thing because i thought it was funny and it wo…
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RT @lagoonshooter: Good way to get yourself Kyle 2.0'd, dumb fuck commies 😏
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quake 3 was a better LAN game because it had more people playing it, but UT2K was the better LAN game because it ha…
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