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RT @gyaigyyimii: Are you Online?... I am giving shoutouts to the first 400 Retweets!! Drop your handles, follow whoever likes it 😣
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RT @SenDuckworth: Friendly reminder to “carve” out some time to drop off your mail-in ballot today 🎃
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RT @KurdishReader: FREE intuitive answers! ”Do they have feelings for me?” Drop your initials and then your person’s (in that order)…
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RT @CatboysFuck: Your vote matters, whether it's local, federal, or state. Make your voting plan for #Election2020 by finding your p…
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RT @Senselessssszz: Goodnight gains Drop handles and follow the first new 7941 followers
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nobody is gonna see this so who cares okay so i can’t sleep and i have a physics midterm tomorrow, and despite my d…
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RT @SenatorMyrie: 🚨 BREAKING: 900k+ early votes citywide! OVER 300k in Brooklyn alone (natch). I am hearing lines are shorter, movin…
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RT @JustinAHorwitz: Louis Dejoy must face criminal prosecution. The post office is done. Don’t even think about mailing in your ballot.…
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RT @myriiigg: they came drop this off at my job 🥺
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Free kill no drop
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He was hired just for his first 7 games While you're at it drop for Tata Martino too smh
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RT @winnieloyd: "I can do the Soco's, I can do the Joro's.. I can do all of that in my sleep"... Wizkid just wanted to drop good m…
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RT @MNSecofState: Urgent News for Mail-In Voters: absentee ballots must now be received on or before Nov. 3. DO NOT RETURN YOUR BALLO…
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RT @AriBerman: How Texas GOP suppressing votes: -trying throw out 100k votes in Harris County -only one place per county to dro…
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RT @Aisami_: Who's active? Boost your Twitter audience. Retweet and drop your handles Follow whoever likes your reply Quick. 😎🕵😎👀🏃🍆🍆💃💃
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RT @MitranoForNY23: #EarlyVoting ends tomorrow (Sunday). You can vote in person, or if you have an absentee ballot, you can drop it off…
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RT @MNAj2018: Less than 6K? Drop your handles let's follow you now//👑😘👑😘
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Drop your ballot off today! (Don't mail it!)
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RT @profkwaah: NIGHT GAINS ⚡⚡⚡ Drop your handles to gain massively now Follow first @kvng_baff fit for follow back sharp 🔥
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RT @BeansBread: Elite if you are proud of yourself today and also proud of Erica .. please drop you stars here with #EricaOfLagos…
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