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RT @andy_christophi: クジラ追い込み漁期間、ドローン禁止 海岸沿い撮影で落下も 和歌山・太地町 - 毎日新聞 #Taiji Town enforces an ordinance that prohibit…
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#ChinaHardTimePartner China will also provide drones to monitor the movement of locusts across the country. @TeamPVFofficial
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@Carpesos @CNEWS Non @EmmanuelMacron sait faire(depuis 3 ans)tourner en rond(simu)des sous-marines au large de nos…
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RT @CNN: The UAE is using drones to help sanitize its cities amidst the coronavirus pandemic
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✋✅ #DESDECASA 🏡 Durante estas semanas de puedes realizar la parte teórica del Curso Piloto de #Drones y cuando se…
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May work on some weirder stuff today. Another song nearly done…just going to add a lead of some sort per suggestion…
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RT @iamaryee: On display are Fogger Machines and drones for aerial disinfection in Bolga. #BeatCOVID19
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RT @Omkar_Raii: #Drones can be a game-changer in fighting #coronavirus & facilitate spraying disinfectants in hospitals and public…
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@SmokinKones @MattCartoonist @Telegraph It links 2 stories 1 Over-zealous police using drones to catch people/motor…
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RT @mindefensa: A través de misiones aéreas orientadas a la vigilancia, con el uso de drones, @PoliciaColombia verifica el cumplimi…
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Le Point - Drones : Delair attend la fin du trou d'air
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➡️El objetivo del proyecto @AERIALCORE es usar robots 🤖 aéreos para reducir riesgo de operadores humanos que trabaj…
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RT @EdithBevin: Tasmania police say they may use drones to help enforce Coronavirus social distancing protocols. It comes as the AD…
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RT @enricomolinari: Birds migration track using GPS @ZonePhysics > @enricomolinari #mobile #datascience #environment #drones #AI #SDGs…
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RT @LNA2019M: LNA: Five Turkish Drones Downed in Libya in 24 Hours
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RT @CNN: The UAE is using drones to help sanitize its cities amidst the coronavirus pandemic
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RT @birdsarentreal: 25 years ago this quarantine would have meant we were cut off from communication with the world The internet is a…
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RT @DJIEnterprise: Public Safety entities across Europe are using drones to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Read more about these notable stories.
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@Hippo_Drones how you doing fella. Stay safe
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RT @ProUnit: My second live/improvised album of gentle drones for isolation and reading is out now on @broken20_label - pay what…
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