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@iam_jlc Misspent youth, drinking Pernod & black and Peach Schnapps in Southey park. The mere mention of them makes me queasy.
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RT @wishuponacrane: no thoughts only crispin, basilio and tapia drinking taho
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RT @correcthonghwa: Seonghwa: Are you drinking enough water? Hongjoong: Sometimes when I cry my tears get in my mouth Seonghwa: What Hongjoong: What
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@VincentKnotley @WHTVPEACHY @ED__E Those of The Peach Blood closed guard the secret they call The Flaw, a terrible…
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The color is hazy orange. Aroma likes tropical. Taste are hoppy, juicy, melon, bubblegum, citracy and sweetness. -…
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On the left - Drinking a Blackberry Blueberry Cranberry Crumble J.R.E.A.M. by @burleyoak at @RaptorTaproom
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This pervert is drinking Schiehallion as the beer for Scotland. Affronted
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Drinking a Frisbittere IPA by @Grolsch @ Boeskoolsplaza —
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yeah i ain’t drinking no more
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& i don’t think i’m too good. there was a time in my life i was drunk for like 10 years straight lmao trust me i’m…
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RT @BujuNews: Buju and Burna drinking from the Grammy to win more Grammys Burna sure loves how he is feeling 🤯🤩
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RT @BylineTV: Tonight, while G7 leaders will be drinking £850 bottles of wine in grand castles and hotels, one in three children…
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RT @__dotdae131: Donghyuk: Chanwoo, let's make our live a drinking broadcast. Yunhyeong: YOU CAN'T!!! 😡 lmao the way he straight up…
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Spent about 2 or 3 hours playing gardens. Pooped now. So I'll be here, lying in the garden drinking coffee if anyone wants me...
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RT @IAMDJLIVE: If you ever want to challenge me to a drinking contest just know this is what I’m capable of.
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@ygjm_ot7 Hi babe ily hope you’re eating and drinking and sleeping well and I love you and I’m proud of you every d…
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like popping OC drinking and falling off stage - and his drummer asking me for H
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RT @RG4hunnid_: Me when somebody tells me stop drinking
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