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@mysicksadlife @NeolithicSheep @UrsulaV Goat child is on a mission to ensure downtime means baby goat cuddle time. Can't blame him.
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RT @FortniteStatus: Downtime for v16.20 has ended. Thanks to technology advancements on the Island, make any car ready for the scenic…
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@GameusO No I think you’re right. I think baby steps are important especially if I’m feelin all embarrassed about i…
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@MrsGPhysics @AmandaHoran8 @PhETsims But also *I* play them in my downtime
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@BarrySilbert @coinbase works really well for folks that just hodl. Quick and easy with high limits. Easy to move o…
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@FashinaGlory Hi @FashinaGlory. Thank you for reaching us. We are really sorry about the network downtime in Abeoku…
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@Chimaera000 @NeolithicSheep @UrsulaV I think Shep is trying to write the Book of Shep in their downtime but they have no downtime
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Vicki sold now too?! amazing. thank you so much! I honestly thought no one would be interested in my pin-up work, t…
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@CSHauteCouture Once restored you can request a credit for service downtime via the My Account or the My Telstra Ap…
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@juliu5mercy This is about grooming, something I nearly fell victim to. I have a life outside of Twitter, this is my downtime.
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RT @bnwkr: anyway downtime is peak time for impressions so hello, uhhhh RT if you're older than Fortnite
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RT @ColonelBlimp: @ACTBrigitte No fear, this is simply downtime before he's back! ✌
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RT @CoderDojo: ⚠️ Zen, the CoderDojo community platform will undergo essential maintenance tomorrow morning (April 14th) between 9…
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Some downtime time and binge watching season 2 of “Looking” @LookingHBO #looking #hbo I absolutely love this ser…
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@FuryThePhoenix Hopefully you get some downtime soon dude
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Downtime (pandemic edition): Docs that rock
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@JOEL9ONE Dude the Cardinals fans and organization are the best EVER when you combo the two. Minus a downtime in th…
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@Converge_CSU Its now back to normal, but please, we cannot afford to have a downtime again as this is the Finals.…
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RT @ECON_Automation: Sergio Feria y Giovanny Tomazzolli han completado con éxito certificación OEE/Downtime 2.0 utilizando Sepasoft. Som…
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@cybersecmeg I have hired interns with zero experience. They aren’t rock stars, but they are solid employees. The…
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