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RT @DAVTech__: For the camera owners out there, does anyone else get a shot of Dopamine when You just pick it up and hold it?…
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dopamine - finish a 10K run, a marathon, etc it doesn't matter what the task is, but if you work at a challenging…
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RT @ethan_mud: Reading this gave me more dopamine than any drug ever could
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Blog: Still, hunting Dopamine? Aren`t we all, and why are we? Read: #Photography #Content…
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can we spam comment this so i can get dopamine from notifications
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Sapnaps laugh is my serotonin and dopamine. 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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RT @lit65539723: When I post serious threads I pick up lots of followers very quickly but when I goof off with the boiz and just shi…
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RT @silverpebble: I’ve posted this before, but here’s a nightingale, arguably the most beautiful birdsong of all. It can cause dopami…
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serotonin dopamine :(
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@georgecaceres gonna prank twitter when i see a promoted tweet that gives me a single molecule of dopamine
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Serotonin 🤝 Dopamine 🤝 Adrenaline
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@TheClassicalCon black market scarcity makes drugs ten times as addictive. The anticipation dopamine system more po…
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RT @JebKenney: @ESPNNBA @KarlTowns @DannyKohan In the words of @thommc18 Watching KAT shoot half court jumpers is unmatched in te…
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@ArielAnderssen Just be careful... anger is addictive... gives you dopamine boosts... I've successfully weened myse…
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RT @dctrblythe: D'après des études très poussées et d'un point de vue physiqu et omniscient, Hajime Isayama, le mangaka de SNK a pr…
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@Goyper7 @MichiganZoomer pornography ruins your brain, makes you addicted to dopamine, and is spiritually destructive.
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RT @TheSMonroeShow: With Demon Souls turning out the way it did I think the only thing I'd even want to play on ps5 is Astros playroom…
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My dopamine rn 📈
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@DrJackKruse Jack, are you in denial about the addictive potentcy of twitter? It's heroin... you can not be on with…
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RT @AugstMcLaughlin: Hey #adhdtwitter folks who menstruate: You aren't imagining that your symptoms are worse before or around the end o…
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