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Last few days to get your orders in. Don't forget to order your limited edition Christmas share bags. #airdried…
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RT @rude_doctor25: DON'T fall for "we rejected lsIamic State and chose secular state" nonsense They ALL voted for Pakistan but staye…
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RT @75_danni: Just smile, I don't want anything else ....😘💫❤️❤️❤️ #WeMissYouCanYaman @bulgaria_can @canyaman1989
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@AishiSamridhi @zoo_bear Interesting how u don't post about 1 single atrocity on your twitter account and post abou…
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@theRealKiyosaki And also, they can't learn because they don't want to listen.
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RT @UnravelingwithR: Grace Ajilore specifically said don’t be with a man who does not care about you. Fling him in the bin specifically.
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RT @Shehzad_Ind: Big big news CJI slams lobby lawyer : just because you are students u don't have right to riot Cji Bobde & SC wil…
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RT @arisuhfari: you bitches don’t even like yourselves why would I care if you like me
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RT @jazmynmariev: “I used to think communication was key until I realized comprehension is. You can communicate all you want to someo…
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RT @MissManaged74: Don’t tell everything. Let some of that crazy remain a mystery
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RT @HuXijin_GT: Through trade war, the Chinese have felt the strength of the US. Have Americans also felt that China, different fro…
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RT @GitaSKapoor: Dear muslim brothers and sisters, Hate us, hate the govt fine. But please don't hate the country that has given you…
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RT @bharath4mb_: Every fcuking liberal of India know what's happening in Bengal - but they don't point out because that's not anti B…
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RT @naim_aim96: #ORCP - The significance of the rns today hasn’t sunk in yet... buyers will wait till they are paying premiums agai…
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Female will never understand wat men have to go threw so annoying y’all don’t have to worry abt being left off the…
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RT @saaayraaaa: Some of you females don’t deserve men like this
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RT @Chill_Will151: I jus don’t see 1 cup of detergent cleaning a whole load of clothes. Make it make sense .
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RT @beatsbykeyz: We don't even need to make one for Nigeria cause it'd be game over
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RT @Animsayisbabie: Me when people reply but don't use the #1DWins10s
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