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RT @Titanbaddie: Something happened after Lorde's success where pop singers started acting like vowels don't exist. Why is everyone…
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@HeygarthF2 Does she/he have other chicks to socialise with ? I don’t know the story behind it so I’m just curious 😊
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RT @dailyTweetspost: My mama told me “sometimes people pretend you’re a bad person so they don’t feel guilty for the things they did to you” damn
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RT @Mr_Siddharth: This should be written in bold.... PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP DID NOT THREATEN INDIA. Our media houses have so much h…
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RT @davidicke: Explosive David Icke coronavirus video now deleted by Vimeo as well as YouTube. What don't they want you to know? W…
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RT @Shaguftabaloch9: Don’t wait for your feelings to change to take the action. Take the action and your feelings will change.” #YouthIconAsim
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@NWONYE_ @Timehin_ There are a whole lot of bad ones, I don’t remember anyone rn but I promise there are many trash westerns out there
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RT @isaacstonefish: I'm a critic of the Party, and I don't think we should remove Phoenix TV, CCTV, or other state-owned or state-spons…
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RT @prdssuga: did u know that yoongi has a level 1 driving licence which is the highest level which allows him to drive cars trai…
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RT @lildurk: I don’t tell nobody my goals why I’m building them
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Welcome to the Empire, non-human fellas. This is Kim Taehyung at your service. Since we don't have any identity yet…
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RT @w_terrence: President @realDonaldTrump don’t have time for dumb questions. He’s busy saving America He said ”You're a third-…
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@weirdcreature19 meh i don't like healthy foods lol
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RT @NotJustSalmanPR: If you don't know this song by @IndomieNigeria, then you should start calling me uncle. #NaijaAtHome
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RT @Nasty00007: If your relationship or marriage didn't work out well,stop teaching others to hate it don't be stupid we're all not born equal
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RT @stayfrea_: My son going back to school Monday. I don't give a fuck who there.
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RT @jpescabilla: I always find intelligent people sexy. But for the record what's more sexier to me is the ability to be well social…
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RT @blxcknicotine: I hate that feeling when you see something and your heart literally sinks, but you have to sit there and pretend you don’t care.
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Don't care about looks More care about character
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RT @Iavieasale: hold tight to your dreams, don't give up, you will achieve your desired life. just hold on.❤️❤️
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