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RT @dannellamunoz: Drink your water, work out & don’t feed into negative energy 🥰
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@73darkhorse 👊👊people sure know how to ruin a day don’t they!!??
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@Bargunan12 @vlakhani29 I don't Darr him Im Press I know Yeh Meneger Not Armaan
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RT @AafiyahKhan: "Don't push me, I can't hold it I'm falling towards the ground you shot me like a bullet." ~ollie
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RT @dbongino: I don't remember President Trump forcing coronavirus patients into nursing homes 👇
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RT @GamehagOfficial: 🎮 What kind of gameplays do you watch on YouTube? Would you like to play the most popular titles yourself? Check it…
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RT @ntwwdy: HBDเจ้าแสบ มีความสุขมากๆ ขอให้สมปรารถนาทุกๆเรื่องเลยน้าาา If u don't know who love u,It's me. 🙊💞 #HAPPY19thWEEDAY…
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RT @sultanardo: @Rukkyjunaid I swear corona strike world war big daddy don't rush endsars e still never finish
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RT @MisterMayD: So you removed the lazer camera at the toll gate so your thugs could do the burning of the toll gate and you could…
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Man between working nights, distance learning with my oldest boy and watching my 2 year old during the day to boot…
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@legalwritingpro I honestly don't know because I haven't seen the full ruling. (The general press is notoriously ba…
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RT @GlennWi22890009: The "SPINLESS & UNETHICAL" big network media don't want to "HURT THEIR CASH-COW FEELINGS!!!". Open SmartNews and…
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@channelstv We don't have light o
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RT @ArnoldJorge: I don’t know who needs to hear this but not every guy who chats to you is trying to move you. Some of you females n…
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RT @kikidavs_1: Hi everyone🏳️‍🌈 I’m Kendra I need all love and support to get me a secure and permanent house. I decided to leave…
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@tweetmommybop I like presidents who wear their big boy pants and don't devolve into a cry baby when not getting their way.
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@pipelinenews Complicity is a v loaded word, especially at a fragile moment for public support of experts in any fi…
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is it that hard to understand that if you reply/qrt a tweet it'll get more attention and visibility?? is this what…
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@ah_leeyu @domfolafc35 Don’t rate emery at all but why so against the truth
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@TheUberDoctor I don’t understand ni baba mi
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