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RT @TeaboyAllStars: Bored, ask me anything ig (If I don't reply then I'd rather not answer)
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RT @Girl_isBlessed: I kinda like how people lie to themselves in this age. U want a life partner, then went after A girl that posts X…
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Lokonga is looking for birthday goal or what? Don't annoy me.
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RT @alexwaarren: isn’t it crazy that we still don’t understand a dogs language? Like I want google translate to tell me why my dog is peeing on my floor.
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RT @Farshad84478821: @DxCryptoMonkey #BABYDOGECOIN IS KING DON'T MISS THAT
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RT @kat_korea: seonho sends a vid to congratulate ravi on his last QM episode "what is seonho hyung to ravi?" "seonho hyung is, f…
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@daveirl @katieharr1988 I'm not proposing indefinite restrictions. I genuinely don't have the answers here.
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@__adamzavala__ I don’t go out anymore
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RT @temsbaby: Don’t be annoyDed
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RT @santis_szn: Policemen went to a stadium earlier today and chased away the black people that were about to run a relay there, I…
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RT @GaryJac34303792: BOLZANO ITALY 🇮🇹 No Green Pass demonstration tonight. Love this. The Italians don't look like they are in the mood…
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RT @nessepack: Hope you guys don't mind wips. I'll have a family meeting tomorrow but I think I'll be able to finish the pages by…
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@Butro_Kgoathe @kamogeloTim @danielmarven It was probably playing with them. Animals don’t hurt kids.
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@giorgiasoleri They're just jealous they'll never be half as hot, pretty and iconic as you queen please don't pay them any mind
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There is nothing God cannot do, I promise you. Bare your soul to him, even when you don't know how to articulate ho…
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RT @MattWalshBlog: A listener wrote to ask if it’s a “red flag” that his fiancé doesn’t want to take his last name. No it’s not just a…
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RT @sweatsXstew: I be wanting shit to happen when I want it to and it don’t work like that
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@youngbigred25 @thomas_kaede $OPFI needs stronger investor relations communication to prove why OppFi deserves to b…
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RT @cuddlephoria: since y’all don’t know: what is cc neg> “ugh i hate them they’re so annoying their voice is weird they should make…
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RT @charlieINTEL: If you don’t preorder Vanguard, the Ghost of War Skin Bundle is available in the store for 2,400 Call of Duty Point…
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