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RT @halfpinthussy: @EveryTaye Also, having one non-Latino black parent and one non-black Latino parent doesn’t make you Afro Latina. You’re mixed love.
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RT @jkempcpa: One thing that doesn’t get talked about much is how Ukraine probably regrets destroying the 3000 nukes it inherited…
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RT @queennaija: I’m really turning into someone who doesn’t wanna really be around too many ppl..It’s just more peaceful
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@NotJoeBryson @alanrzepa DCC doesn’t tick the English box so no thanks
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RT @anguscloud: My manager doesn’t let me watch the entire season, so I’m watching in real time along with y’all lol
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RT @MrTooDamnChris: mr biden i am poor child from ukraine. my village is desperate. i fear that we won’t make it thru the winter withou…
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RT @TejaAddict: SHE SAID : you are pushing me away.This just doesn’t imply the impact of that line but also implies that she FAILED…
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RT @suzixx_55: Karan won't believe unless it's converted into actions someons words and actions doesn't match #KaranKundrra…
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Bruce Arians "confirmed" he is returning in 2022. So @rapsheet doesn't have to write a story about that. @nick_underhill @Kat_Terrell
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@cinemamotionss He doesn't even pay to support his own child, so I'll be amazed if he pays the invoice
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RT @ProFootballTalk: The overtime rule for playoff games must change. If this one doesn’t spark a more fair approach nothing ever will.
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RT @lawyer4laws: The man in charge at the White House isn’t Joe Biden~ Chief of Staff Ron Klain delivered behind-the-scenes message…
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RT @haesoofeels: I think ppl got used to d conventional portrayal of romance as grand gestures & bold professions. But SD shows tha…
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@kylegriffin1 @bcarter0917 That fool doesn’t pay taxes. Never has. He says it makes him smart.
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RT @funshographix: Government doesn't solve problems. Government creates problems just to stay in the business.
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RT @JayyBrice: i need y’all “anti-vaxers” to stop with the narrative that the vaccine doesn’t work bc it doesn’t stop u from getti…
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RT @vohlii: Who doesn’t have WL for @TheSpacePals yet? Retweet this! 🎁
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RT @Jintyfan: I stopped drawing for two years and today I tried it again and drew this at school and I think it doesn't even loo…
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@sabresthoughts What happens last night if Gabe Davis doesn’t have an all-time historic performance … just expected…
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RT @asmi_chhetri: Why KK is behaving like this? Bcz he doesn't Love Teja , now he knows Teja loves him clearly and he can't think wha…
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