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@DanRather VOTE IN PERSON... We cant risk it. Mask up, Vote Early, Socially Distance.
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RT @EliteRacing_: .@C2Freight 150 at IRP for the @S51eSports @homeplacebeerco Grand National Series! Date: 9/28 Track Distance: .6…
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RT @BuckSexton: Law enforcement across the country should refuse to enforce arbitrary, capricious, and unconstitutional covid lockd…
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RT @robyncringe: man no wonder aloharad wants to distance himself from his fans 😭
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RT @thekeenanwire: Ginsburg’s casket is draped in a flag on the front steps, flanked by an honour guard, behind rows of flowers. Press…
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RT @NASA: On Oct. 20, our @OSIRISREx spacecraft will descend to the rocky, boulder-strewn surface of asteroid Bennu, touch do…
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@stiritup15 Not great writing, but the meaning is clear enough to those who are conversant with the concepts. Infer…
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@clairecmc Ain't that the kicker. Gov has no symptoms. We need these no maskers to get sick so they do something th…
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If you are going to get drunk, do it within walking distance. This pitcher kicked my ass. Its empty now.
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RT @artfuIchaos: S/O to friends that always stick around because I know I distance myself alot easily.
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@cez_crv bah 1 semaine sur 2 j’suis à distance mais comme j’suis incapable de suivre à distance je viens toouutes les semaines, du coup oui
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RT @NASA: On Oct. 20, our @OSIRISREx spacecraft will descend to the rocky, boulder-strewn surface of asteroid Bennu, touch do…
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RT @btsportfootball: Around 20,000 fans in attendance at the UEFA Super Cup 😍 Social distance measures are in place in Budapest 👌
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@TeslaMotorsClub @Tesla Why is a different super charger needed? It won’t accommodate a trailer, what’s the purpose…
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@AdrianD8926 It’s the only way otherwise if both fights go the distance it will be very hard to win
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I finally have a bar out here in NYC y'all!! They recognize me, social distance, put the lake games on for me and…
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RT @Kbylka_: Reconfinement + Cours a distance = échec scolaire
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RT @ACLUNJ: BREAKING: The NJ Assembly recognized the devastation of COVID-19 in prisons and PASSED Public Health Emergency Cred…
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RT @HospCouncil: As #fluseason approaches, it is more important than ever to follow @CDCgov guidelines and protect yourself against…
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