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RT @VilissaThompson: I’ve reached my breaking point with B*den & the Administration. I’m here. I’m pissed. I’m disgusted. The incomp…
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RT @joylfc52: @davidwhite020 @simonmaginn I am sorry David. I have been a Labour voter for 52 years. I cast my first vote for the…
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@timkaine @DemRedistrict All so depressing and I am disgusted with Manchin and Sinema. Dems need to stop playing Nice with them.
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RT @FallynWriter: Okay I have no idea what happened in the drama CD but my angst brain is THINKING Closeted Kirishima reacting poorl…
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RT @Yazdan__: Impressed by this thinking of @kkundrra to support #rashamidesai:- It's never about returning the favor only if you…
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@davidwhite020 @simonmaginn I am sorry David. I have been a Labour voter for 52 years. I cast my first vote for the…
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@MayoDudeYT tf bro that’s making me feel disgusted
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RT @SacherTorta: @DemsAbroad Exactly why I am so disgusted by the lack of real action on #FATCA, #CBT, #Citizide. Our votes r neede…
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The Taliban so called leaders who speak on media with fake promises on women’s rights & their sympathizers in US &…
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Why does my cat look like he’s always disgusted in me? I get it, I see myself in the mirror every morning.
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RT @gddub: Why aren't Canadians disgusted with Justin Trudeau? #CdnMediaFailed
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These sellers are absolute trash and I am disgusted that people like this somehow obtained the special merch. This…
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RT @jaysonst: “If games are lost, many fans will not care to debate which side is at fault. They will just turn away, disgusted b…
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@Delta Don’t have one, was too disgusted to enjoy listening to music
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RT @writenrun: Disgusted by the Premier & Dr. Strang's patronizing and dismissive tone at today's presser. We know not tracking sc…
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RT @ThePolymath11: @4ever_days So glad I didn’t move back there. Was so disgusted the State went for Trump, that I sold my house there…
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Im disgusted in @SenatorSinema DISGUSTED!! @Sen_JoeManchin can EAD too
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I cannot agree more. Absolutely need to do rail. I've been waiting since 1978 when I returned from Japan for rail i…
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Republican Senators don’t give a shit about voting rights…fucking disgusted. #VotingRightsForThePeople
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Bruh if your fave was on twt and they saw someone literally burning their pc how tf u think they would feel huh?? Fvcking disgusted
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