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RT @iChexo: For those of you in the comfort of your homes or offices just stay there. VI, Ikoyi and Lekki is a no go area. Abon…
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The new ensuing disaster is REALLLLLLLY good. The ep has this super unique feel to it that feels vast and organic.…
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RT @coco14391: ROFL! The Establishment Media is twisting itself into a pretzel to salvage the Democrat Impeachment hearing disas…
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@clairewilliam22 @BelTel The scheme is a disaster! Newtownards road, Queens road!!!
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RT @djolder: Gabbard and Yang being on there but not Castro is a wack disaster on every level
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RT @beanluvclub: Top 10 photos taken moments before disaster
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【救急:発生】[00:01頃] 池田市井口堂3丁目付近 (池田市消防本部) #ikeda #池田 #消防 #災害
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RT @Wasim_Wazir: I swear I See a Complete disaster without IK. The whole system is screwed up
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RT @itsmattfred: The Black Plague was a PR disaster for rats as a species. They never truly recovered until 2007 (release of Ratatouille)
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Dudley high-rise leaseholders face huge bills after Grenfell disaster
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@Ylegm @Ravenholm337 maybe “disaster gay” is the class and then the subclasses are bi, lesbian, etc.? 😄
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RT @RuiterWrongFAN: Even when the #Browns win, they lose. There’s nothing fun about this franchise for fans other than the offseason. U…
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Now in Phnom Penh. Amazing trip. Sihanoukville was a disaster. Construction everywhere. Building tens of thous…
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RT @indscribe: A real life hero, the man who led the biggest mass movement for justice for victims in the worst industrial disaste…
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RT @amyeeera: He's a gay disaster, your honor.
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@realDonaldTrump You've been a disaster and if you cared about the country at all you would resign today.
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RT @markminervini: With negative thoughts come negative images of your anticipated disaster. Contemplating the problem becomes your do…
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RT @BumblerBea: I wonder what the "glitch of disaster" this Pokemon generation will be. We had a couple doozies the last installmen…
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RT @chuckwoolery: “Star Witnesses Stared Straight Ahead with a Blank Look” – TRUMP GLOATS – Slams “Shifty” Schiff’s Impeachment Show…
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