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RT @LOUSUNSHlNE: one direction as women, a very long thread
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RT @tamer_hadi: Another sign NY is headed in the right direction 👍🏽
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RT @LafavdeRk: A mí me va a doler toda la vida no haber podido ir a algún concierto de One Direction #1DOnlineConcertStayAtHome
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RT @ApriloneilFan00: @michaeladam13 I love your direction a lot sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Good to hear @AldiUK are going to ban plastic packaging on eggs. Step in the right direction 👍 Meanwhile @Tesco it’…
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RT @adityaDP65: Watching Hindi Dubbed Asuran... Speechless... What a performance by Dhanush Sir.... 🔥🔥 Direction is brilliant..…
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@successshashtra It's like if you think big bigger biggest you will become big bigger biggest. It's like if you thi…
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@martrotich @IsaacRutoGov @BarchokHillary We want to see bomet go forward, not days of boryeet. mokibendi that dire…
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RT @ifhouis: eu gritando eu mandando a letra de td mundo calar a todas as m…
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@tarorissu I ended up having to drop the manga. It went into a direction that makes me really really uncomfortable…
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RT @tiahac: Os havaianos eram os One direction do Brasil
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Merde je crois qu'il mon griller demi tour direction le bureau admin pour arrêter l'alarme et récupérer les multipa…
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RT @usedtopaynee: bro, she don’t miss you she misses one direction.
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RT @livercoin: Wolfe wave worked out pretty well last time on $ETH Let's try it to the other direction and on #Bitcoin
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RT @ParisJeTaime: En attendant la réouverture des musées, direction les galeries d’art de #Paris ! Du Marais à Belleville et jusqu’au…
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RT @itseuriale: Hello Directioners Indonesia! ✨ utk memperingati anniv 11th One Direction, kami membuat "Infinity Project" untuk me…
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@design_law @lexlanham Your point exposes how secondary meaning is a ratchet that only works in one direction. Here…
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@heymrshallahan An interesting new direction for Line of Duty! 🤣
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RT @_whhy: Life is funny isn’t it?Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan somet…
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@DreamingAria_ Do it! Sometimes it is actually easier that way. Because once you know the direction your action/dia…
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