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RT @okhotd: パク·ユファン(Park Yuhwan)のTwitch streamingのフォロワー1万人のお祝いに参加してください。 12月17日までに短いお祝いのメッセージ(国名,名前,またはTwitchのニックネーム)を書いて,Instagram Directに送ってください。
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RT @crampell: Fox News’s Chris Wallace: "Let’s start with a basic fact. President Trump is engaged in the most direct, sustained…
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@gomezexcIusives @RainbowSelena__ And if it's a thing you don't like what she's doing, settle in direct messages do…
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@SportsDirect_CS when you order a set of dumbbells and the delivery guy isn’t strong enough to carry them so drops…
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apres les églises, les industries attaquées... via @LCI
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Cryptocurrencies come as a medium of exchange where money payment operates Directly. This allows direct payment bet…
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▫️14.12.2019 - V LIVE▫️ Beomgyu et Taehyun sont en direct sur l'application V LIVE : 🔗 ___…
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RT @FF_XIV_FR: L'émission en direct de 14 heures commence ! Accompagnez l'équipe dans différents segments pour célébrer #FFXIV al…
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@BamaPsiPhIva I am willing to participate in a campaign effort for Michael Bloomberg in Alabama, which effort utili…
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@BaretyKing Oklm Paris Direct 😂😂😂
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RT @Jsn_Drk94: C’est qui Dita ?????? Moi je pense au son à Ninho direct
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RT @Original_Lyon: Dear lord, direct my feet to the right path so that I may be in the right place at the right time.
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Meet the Activists Risking Prison to Film VR in Factory Farms
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When direct deposit hits >>>
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RT @okhotd: パク·ユファン(Park Yuhwan)のTwitch streamingのフォロワー1万人のお祝いに参加してください。 12月17日までに短いお祝いのメッセージ(国名,名前,またはTwitchのニックネーム)を書いて,Instagram Directに送ってください。
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RT @JenssenMum: The wine collection Click the link to buy wine online #buywine…
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RT @OneBananaADay: Déjà si tu commences avec deux doigts direct, je pense que tu peux rentrer à la maison.
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RT @paulsperry_: How can any of the dirty FBI cops be held accountable by the press when they all now work in the press? CNN has di…
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RT @YearOfTheKraken: Liberals have made it clear that if there's another Direct Action Day threat, they will again support the Jihadists…
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Gusto niyo bang maging merry ang Pasko? Gusto niyo bang maging happy ang New Year? Just click her profile then send…
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