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I actually dig this cover a lot. @OfficialITM 🤘🏻🎸🤘🏻
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@Nola_Alima @ThePennyQuinn Not right away. You have to wait 7 years for someone to dig through all your tweets to f…
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@Asa_Mittilivet Tankar till dig 💕🙏
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RT @MrGetAnything_: Buy big generator, buy small generator, buy inverter, dig your borehole, buy purifier,buy wifi router and still run…
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RT @th84r: Forestil dig et pyramidespil, der bruger mere strøm end alle verdens solpaneler producerer. Det er bitcoin.
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RT @golikehellmachi: this entire post is full of pretty gross sleight-of-hand tricks. let's dig in, shall we?
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@AgnesWold Men varför inte till alka i världen över 65, NOW DE sprutor, de doser finns, Brasilien, Kamerun, Indones…
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RT @AlpineF1Team: With [STAT-HUB], powered by @microsoft, we dig into the data that drives race strategy. The max 4.8 Lateral G comes…
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RT @s_koenigsberg: Schluss mit dieser Hetzversammlung! In Berlin und überall! #NoAlQds! Zusammen mit @AmadeuAntonio @AJCBerlin @DIG_BB
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why do people dig up old tweets that’s just an unhealthy obsession 🤨🤨
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RT @coenhermenet: Ge-wel-dig ⁦@lientje1967⁩ wil een appgroep met alle 150 Kamerleden, en wil ‘m zelf wel aanmaken
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@kaitlancollins Of course, but your network was blasting that BS non stop for days since you thought you could get…
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RT @SocialistCrow: This just made me laugh. Love that Pink News just referred to Robert Webb in that way, like a blatant dig at his st…
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Eh, EDITH. Did I mention that I don't dig the Starkification of Spidey? Because I do not dig it.
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RT @Meagan_Levinson: Buy a book and plant a tree, celebrate Earth Day! (This is a variation on a song that my kiddo sang on repeat last…
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RT @mjkcongo: Congo may settle $619m arbitration award with DIG Oil for $300m in cash, oil & mining permits. The games the prev…
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@CigsAndCheese @PlayApex Left: screenshot from the S4 launch trailer Right: PNG of the "Ashes to Ashes" callsign ba…
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RT @enews: BREAKING: After two years, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have officially called it quits. 💔…
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Cheguei na casa da minha mulher, almocei com o meu sogro, vou montar umas rabiolas pra soltar pipa daqui a pouco e…
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