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@Mithzan When finished making HD skins, I tend to go back to them and add more details or make it better a day befo…
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RT @michaelobrienmp: Small business and their staff will be hardest hit by Labor’s stage 4 lockdowns. Wherever you can, please support…
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@davey1233 @Fat_Jacques @safc4ever Large number? I saw exactly one epidemiologist in that video, and he said there…
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RT @Valakzor: @KingKlaytn I can’t tell the difference xd
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RT @pastorlocke: @HillaryClinton You let our soldiers die on purpose, laughed about it, blamed YouTube and said “what difference doe…
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RT @minjoonhr: the size difference.... the domesticness about it all
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@MickSDavies1 @Chalky1958 @SamuelJJack Good for you. Agree we could, and i donate monthly to charities to support t…
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RT @DanRather: I have seen the Veep sweepstakes play out many times. The big difference this time: all the candidates are women; m…
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RT @MSNBC_rocks_: The difference between decency and narcissism. Biden cares Trump could care less.
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RT @NicolaSturgeon: Very sad news. He led a life that made a difference and leaves a legacy that will live on. RIP John Hume
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RT @GovMikeHuckabee: If Biden won’t debate @realDonaldTrump , @POTUS should just hold a debate anyway-against a cardboard cutout of Joe…
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@barrackaid No, I'm not. There are people - like Corey Lewandowski - who say it's fine to lie, even on national tv,…
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RT @cozzyal: The difference is crazy
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RT @GeorgeTakei: I’m not even sure what Biden debating Trump would prove. If you don’t know how awful Trump is after 3 years (and 15…
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RT @buggyeys: Kinda not the best comparison bc the old one wasn’t finished but look at his design difference also I said fuck the…
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@Bubblebathgirl Because they are ignorant and do not know the difference
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@GarnettGenuis Get lost Garnett. Even Tam’s own ‘Pandemic Plan’ says NOT recommended. #DeathToTheNewWorldOrder You…
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RT @ProjectLincoln: What do you call someone that can't tell the difference between their own delusions — things that can be obviously…
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@tombeline @penguins *años. Trust me on this one. Makes a big difference. Happy birthday!
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@RyanGrieveAB @Swiftie01 Maybe it's because they actually had the intellect to be able to know the difference and act accordingly.
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