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@DaianaSCK @MeCyFrFIKpTWIii i will always be there but so many people didn't tweet thats wat bother me
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@tonygoldmark This attitude is baffling to me. I got a huge crush on Chella Man after seeing him play Jericho on Ti…
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RT @131and0nly: Saying "Next episode will be fair" that's MNET admitting that this episode is not fair and It's not Enough. MNET…
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@snowfrogdev @ardalis Interesting. Didn't know, thanks. "Writable: If this attribute set to false, the value of th…
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RT @LibbyWienerITV: No 10 spokesman rejects suggestion PM intervened in Saudi bid for Newcastle United: ‘The PM asked Lord Lister (his…
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@aggie_hart He didn't choose violence... /yet/
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RT @JILexander: Interesting, Zack didn’t dissuade the calls to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. He seemed enthusiastic about the fan support.
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RT @Nuella_May: If you follow the lyrics, you'll understand she chose Laycon, he didn't snatch her🤧🤧 Ykb kept on saying "omo yi, m…
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@Deepinblue8 @den_patriot @kshadyacct4 She didn’t say anything about a vaccine!!!
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RT @rayortlund: “I have done what is evil in your sight” (Psalm 51:4). That’s a strong word: “evil.” David didn’t soften it. He di…
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@MidwestHedgie Agreed. Does anyone think fElon Musk didn’t buy $GME before tweeting about it? Didn’t think so.
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@stonebwoyb you are the sensible one..we have to plead and not demand her release because the judge didn't err..she…
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@madykayvon Hahah best response ever! Didn’t see it coming
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RT @MarshallCohen: For the first time EVER, the US government said Russian agent Konstantin Kilimnik provided Russian intelligence age…
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Didn’t think a few weeks with Kyrie could go that bad 😉😂
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RT @redandblonde420: #MHAspoilers Deku’s hands are not fully healed and that support item didn’t come out of nowhere. Anyways Two Heroes canon.
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RT @FaarizahS: The fact that Allah knows what's inside the hearts is so comforting. Because sometimes you just can't explain to pe…
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RT @carlquintanilla: DELTA's Bastian, on why they didn't sign the recent CEO letter on #georgia: "We thought our [earlier] statement sp…
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Death is so final. That’s the reason we are so frustrated. The continuous disregard for a Black body. It’s treate…
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