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RT @ByronYork: New: Democrats don't want public to know origins of Ukraine probe like they didn't want public to know origins of R…
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RT @umenumen: I didn’t poop. I peed.
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GOP senator says whistleblower's sources 'exposed things that didn't need to be exposed'. I mean Johnson bs.
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RT @joonlght: Jungkook didn't tattoo ARMY on his nuckles for yall to be solo stans Jimin didn't admit that he h4tes people who s…
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@StateCaptureCom @TreasuryRSA @eNCA "They were manipulating and perverting it," claims Hain speaking of the #Guptas…
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RT @KasieDC: "It dishonors the tens of thousands of Americans who have served, who went to war willingly and didn't murder peopl…
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RT @kyh_net: we didn't even get a full video of this.. 🥺
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RT @olivebrinker: i didn't feel that strongly about any of the new pokemon, but then i went to the pokemon center and saw a big grook…
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All these glow ups people sharing is just proof that we didn't know shit about make up, combing our hair, or bomb l…
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RT @yumyumfattime: This didn’t go viral on tik tok like I expected it to so I’m giving twitter a try
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There are a lot of Dems didn't give over documents when Jeff Sessions was AG, and when both sides can issue subpoen…
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RT @Ntshieng_: We all did this growing up Some got caught some didn't
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RT @gcfknj: sooooo bighit didn’t translate the fucking GLOBAL army kit stuff into english or any other language but it’s the me…
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@toneeyahhh You didn’t eat you breakfast babe 😌, come home
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I care so little today that I didn’t even bring a bag with me to work. Just myself.
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RT @sonaliranade: Credit cycles are not new to the Indian economy. What is new to the economy post 91 reforms is mortgage finance to…
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RT @yumyumfattime: This didn’t go viral on tik tok like I expected it to so I’m giving twitter a try
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Remember when you saw Mona leaving the Bill Beach plastic surgery clinic? Hello lipo!! But shh! You didn't hear it from me. -A
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RT @indiaforums: Sidharth recalls his days of Misery; Says I didn't have enough Money to Pay Rent! @SidMalhotra
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RT @ROZtheCreator: A Korean woman shot her in the head all bc she thought she stole ORANGE JUICE, the judge let the store owner walk f…
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