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RT @electroboyusa: Trump has completely destroyed the @GOP and Republican Senators and Congresspeople are wishing they had jumped ship…
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RT @AndroxyIO: I'm pretty sure it is safe to say our users absolutely destroyed the Supreme US stock!🤭 Who wants to join Androxy? ❤️ + ♻️
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@naruhoekun he never recovered from when he thought his chidori beat out the rasengan & then turned to see naruto h…
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What is their end goal here AFTER they have destroyed this country?
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RT @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y: So - black men die in CHOP/CHAZ, businesses are looted & destroyed - but only after @MayorJenny had her own home th…
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RT @JOYNEWSONTV: #JoyNewsToday BORDER SECURITY: Bridge linking Ghana to Togo destroyed by military personnel #JoyNews
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RT @JayC1l: Having open borders Watching what was once a beautiful land turned into a cesspitt Seeing your history ,culture…
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RT @Rahuhans123: @timesofindia Both are bheemtas. Bheem army needs to be destroyed forever .
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RT @falasteen47: BREAKING: Israeli forces have just taken over Palestinian homes and are bulldozing houses in the village of Beit Ik…
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RT @JasonMBrodsky: Big: NYT on #Natanz incident in #Iran: "A Middle Eastern intelligence official...said the blast was caused by an ex…
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RT @chicanostalin: He is a prince. A prince to the British empire, the same imperialist nation that destroyed the world. *HE* is the i…
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RT @Iamlimmy1: This man is finished!!! After all the analysis, his team is being destroyed!
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@IcyBurnz when you guys destroyed us in the 2015 ncf championship
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RT @W7VOA: A Middle Eastern intelligence official tells the @nytimes that the blast was caused by an explosive device planted…
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RT @MHamzaJan1: @PTAofficialpk #unbanpubg There are many Players Who Are Representing Pakistan Internationally Through PUBG and Man…
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RT @Judicaelle_: the son of the empire that built institutionalized racism, made so much wealth from stealing lands all over the wor…
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Breaking: @nytimes reporting that the explosion at Iran's Natanz Nuclear facility was caused by an explosive device…
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Spurs fans preparing to be destroyed on Twitter
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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those watch them and do nothing
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RT @Mareq16: Moar on Ghislaine Maxwell - Jeffrey Epstein... Giuffre evidence ordered to be destroyed WTF????
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