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They probably don’t really care right now, granted our world is destined for judgement.
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@schoolp @fiona_kelliher @__dianeedun And because they were taught to be spineless evil spawns of Satan that makes…
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I don’t think about nothing but building that wealthy lifestyle for myself. that’s how i know I’m destined for it.
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RT @silkruoye: see cause here’s the thing; nangong jingnu never faltered in loving qi yan both heart and soul, but it was qi yan k…
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As a Virgo with a Pisces Mom and a Scorpio Dad, I was destined to be a crazy b*tch
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What didn’t happen is opening up space for what is destined to happen
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RT @thepisceanaura: ☁️ pisces. cancer. scorpio. deeper sense of self—growth spurt. you are coming to understand who you truly are. gro…
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RT @Nike: A new apparel collection for those destined to fly.
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@niner_notebook I swear I was just saying this feel like. We destined for a top 5 pick with a recovering super bowl roster next year 😅
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Welp I'm fucked either way so i'll finally have to make that lofi bedroom pop album I've always been destined to ma…
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Part of my fruitful afternoon. Destined for the food bank tomorrow. 🍅❤️
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RT @CancilleriaVE: .@jaarreaza: The more we review the report - a ludicrous assault on Venezuela - the clearer it becomes that the car…
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RT @DIVINEOPAQUE: ✉️❤️ Libra,Taurus,Sagittarius, Gemini. 💋 There’s a specific person on ur mind with one or more of these signs in th…
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RT @JohnsonOluo: Dorathy Ndidiamaka, God shall prepare a table before u in the presence of ur enemies;Your head have been anointed…
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maybe I am destined to be alone forever
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RT @Maryamhasnaa: It’s perfectly fine to be grateful for all that you have and to know that you are destined for so much more.
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RT @de4dkrush: chuuya as the giant sword gay he was destined to be
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RT @SACornerstone: You will discover how reconnecting with God will put you back in touch with your family, your faith, your physical…
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RT @SultanAChoudhr1: Addressing the great African People: "...a glorious future is destined for your race." ~ The Second Caliph…
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