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RT @j_mcelroy: Some people are describing B.C.'s pandemic strategy as a huge shift. But testing and contact tracing have been res…
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RT @kazweida: Who thinks the right time to clean their gun is in front of a camera during a congressional hearing while veterans…
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@LakeBrowns @JohnathanQuest @JimRenacci That’s no where close to what true CRT is And that’s why this is a problem…
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@lynn_laidlaw Burden of treatment theory is not a bad theory. Much of it is about describing how responsibility may…
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RT @WerderEdESPN: I interviewed five-time Super Bowl winner Charles Haley. I asked his reaction to Mike McCarthy describing the…
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@DanielKelly150 Celsius is excellent for measuring water temperatures. But 98% of the time, people are describing w…
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@Virgurilla @RiddleOfWind @xenasaurttv @ZhugeEX I'm describing a Ponzi scheme, correct. I don't think that crypto i…
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@mhdksafa He's undoubtedly describing his own attitude. Which is useful. See Maya Angelou.
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RT @RockTheVote: We will never forget Sidney Poitier's and Harry Belafonte's commitment to voting rights and justice. Here they are…
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RT @CH4NSC0LL4R_: Me describing my mental health:
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RT @obianuju: I am wicked for being against the slaughter of the innocent? Thank you Ari! Thank you so much. By the way here is a…
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RT @brendan_fischer: The US Chamber also fought against voting rights legislation and filibuster reform. As @andrewperezdc reported, th…
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RT @singfromthehair: This is the EXACT flat Alan Carr is describing in this clip 🤣🤣🤣
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............. okey first of all you're describing archeology second of all,,,,, yes.
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RT @SwatyKumar: @ANI They were auctioning women's body parts and describing their fetish of rape. Get your facts and vocabulary right!
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#MAMAMOO #KPop Moonatic: Let’s see, who can we get that could make a rocking, dancing, totally fun MV about a homic…
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Squart Guy is the nickname of OKCupid user papapaka, who gained notoriety for his online dating profile describing
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RT @anarchobestie: pov: ur a dsa person describing what north korea is like
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RT @WeisheiplGreg: @DearAuntCrabby You got to be kidding right? You obviously haven’t listened to any rally speech or press conference…
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