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{{ bless!!! i'm trans and demisexual!!! nice to meet you bb and i look forward to interacting with you!!!! }}
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I make a lot of those for a demisexual
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It’s like fucking hard, you know? I tried going on dates countless times and it’s either we have no chemistry or he…
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Is there anyone demisexual or with a lot of knowledge on demisexuality on this platform I can talk to? I'd really really appreciate it
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sexualities i thought i was in order: • straight • bi • lesbian • demisexual biromantic • bi (w preference for gir…
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RT @fallawaybandito: ok so here are all the sexualities i have thought i am in order. this is a roller coaster. straight bi demisexual…
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fui ler o que era essa coisa de demisexual e claramente não sou
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RT @kvltcore: fukuzawa -demisexual guy -otp fukumori -fukuzawa & ranpo & yosano -no notps other than like adult minor shit n all…
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• straight • lesbian • bi • pan • demisexual panromantic • that one where it's fluid and it changes from day to d…
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RT @incredibledood: lis waywood - orange they/them, nonbinary demisexual guard captain, caelistar of the god of faith (fydem) - perfec…
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RT @geowilinger: I remember when coming out used to be "mom, dad, I'm gay". Now it's something like, "mom, dad, I want to let you t…
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What Does Demisexual Mean? 17 FAQs About Sex, Attraction, More
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@domme28 Yep they only care about themselves, they cant see past their own nose. When you live a lot and you give…
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Serasi que eu sou demisexual?
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Yes, I once identified as I just identify as a safe, selective heaux.
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I now view myself as an aro demisexual. I barely feel any sort of romantic love for anyone.
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Had a dream that i actually fell in love with Namjoon and my demisexual ass panicked real hard when I woke up
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@fucktvlerjoseph when u said demisexual biromantic? damn i felt that
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@CheddarsGal @asexuality I have a friend who is Demisexual. I'd never heard that term before she introduced it to me.
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the sexualities i thought i am in order: bi demisexual asexual aromantic gay??? pansexual lesbian
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