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@AbrilMeneguzzi amiga es tu decisión, no de el 😒
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RT @cristinaplazasm: Como Santafereña me duele y rechazo esta decisión!!! ¿Cómo así q a los hombres se les paga y a las mujeres se les s…
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I think one of the best decision of @ajaydevgn sir in recent time to signing the film like #kaithi .... Single scen…
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RT @NatureNews: How a spur-of-the-moment decision went viral.
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RT @Laconic_doc: @ChrisHill2434 @AsteadWesley @ddale8 This sums up, in one tweet, the total hypocrisy of the decision! 😡
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RT @Sifill_LDF: So I have refused to comment before reading the SCOTUS decision on the extension of time for voters to return absen…
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RT @Owsool: Quand jai entendu un des responsables des SÉNÉGALAIS vivant en Italie lancer son cri de cœur face à la décision de…
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RT @Okslaw_11: Me On my way to make a bad decision
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One last thing: I-Ching # 36 just came for me today after my decision to step back: “It is in the dark moments tha…
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RT @yomeeks: This is your daily pension announcement: The Alberta Government misrepresents another complex financial decision. S…
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RT @potatopatatas1: don’t make a decision when u’re mad, sad, or upset. u might ruin everything.
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C’mon? Is anyone honestly surprised? @espn is the example you use of a company that makes bad decision after bad de…
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RT @EmilioAlvarezI: Proseguir las obras de Dos Bocas, Tren Maya y Nuevo Aeropuerto en la actual crisis del #Covid19 es poner en riesgo…
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RT @AMLOmaniac0: Las potencias del mundo, tomando decisiones dignas de cualquier dictadorcillo de medio pelo, ahh... Pero si AMLO to…
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Decisión y determinación.
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RT @SURDeporte: #Baloncesto 🏀 La NBA aplaza toda decisión sobre el futuro de la temporada a mayo
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A lot of very cruel fates in Danish handball after the difficult decision to end the season immediately. I really…
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RT @joncoopertweets: Ruth Bader Ginsburg excoriated her conservative colleagues over their decision to deny Wisconsin Democrats’ request…
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RT @maibortpetit: #Narcosobrinos La Corte de Segundo Circuito negó un recurso de apelación interpuesto por la defensa de los sobrinos…
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@WillAddedDigits Got the collection on sale on Xbox yesterday, brilliant decision imo
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