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My mom drove in my head for YEARS that even though my grandma is mean and favorites my cousins that I had to respec…
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Ok I’ve finally decided to expand my TV universe beyond Sex and the City reruns WHAT SHOULD I WATCH
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RT @YJSYJCHOIYJS: I decided to get married first Love the moment วาดหัวใจได้เปลืองที่สุด Love me Love my dog…
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I have decided to join Christianity
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RT @EyesOnQ: I've decided to start a 'who's NOT a pedophile' list as it seems to take less paper .....
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RT @SuperCrazyCrash: Hey there @CWCSonichu, I decided to make a Sonichu fan comic and was wondering what you think of this OC that will…
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RT @AkinyiCherylBby: Someone on Quora decided to ask "Does Kenya have internet?" and the responses have me weakkk😂😂
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RT @Mssoobread: The way I'm sad when I saw they cut his hair 😭 But I realized BH decided to do this bcos it's too early to expose…
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RT @_lililiyabbay: please don’t tell me that it’s bc hoshi saw mingyu getting annoyed by the confetti that he decided to take matters…
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So I’ve decided I’m going to have an intergalactic cowboy theme for my birthday in December yurrt
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moonbyul could be a thot if she wanted to but decided to be the thit police instead
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RT @CattinSpace: A lot of the rules have changed from my original post, so I decided to update my 🌟《FURSUIT HEAD RAFFLE》🌟 •Follow…
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RT @kihmberlie: Decided to make a video of some of my favorite photos I took of myself so far this year 👀✨
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Morning and decided to cut a few toxic people off👋🏻
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RT @Faungirl123: I've decided to stop tweeting crappy content, so I guess this is goodbye, guys.
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@AdamGrenade everything with your code! Always adamaru. (I was gifting the emote to my gf, but i decided to buy it…
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Emmys should be decided by applause drag show style #Emmys
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RT @sahilkapur: The most remarkable part of Ben Sasse’s turn was how unremarkably it played out. No moment, no speech, no mea culpa…
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RT @ericgarland: One gets the sense that by the time Pompeo decided to flip, the FBI really didn't need any more testimony. Tennis…
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RT @RobinWildheart: Twitter locked me out of both of my old accounts. Rather than continuing to appeal their decision, I've decided to…
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