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@TMobileHelp I’ve had a constant 2 bar service for almost 3 days now. I had my phone checked, my carrier setting ar…
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RT @poornabell: If you're about to text someone you know is prone to anxiety with the words: 'There's something I need to talk to y…
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RT @KMF2xxxRT: 今日はオフかな? お買い物して温泉でゆっくり身体休めてね😊 #たいぴーすふる #藤ヶ谷太輔 Kis-My-Ft2 / Edge of Days
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RT @okitakito172: 個人的に「仕事のやりがい」ってこんな感じ
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Karma was on my side tho cause he ended up getting arrested days later for stealing thousands of dollars from his s…
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RT @an_mitsu2: プラベ嘘ついてる人も ゆるスポの勝敗もわかっちゃうから ネタバレ嫌な方は、 B盤のKis-My-TV全部観た後に A盤のメイキング観た方がいいです! これは拡散希望(。>_<。)!!!!!!! Edge of Days / Kis-My-Ft2 #np
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RT @TruhMain: They killed this girl after she made a police report about the boyfriend sexually assaulting her days before... and…
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RT @sellerjpl2000: They were never the good old days. DD-846. 1964 GLAD TO SERVE.
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RT @mithunraman: #Bigil #France Total 17 Days Admissions 35K+ ALL TIME RECORD! Only South Indian Actor with two 30K+ movies in…
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RT @yokomakis: お迎えしてきた〜 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 午後からのお仕事まで楽しみます!!! Kis-My-Ft2 / Edge of Days
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@jaysonstreet This is legit cool from the days of engineering where it had to be actually tried
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RT @moeyoko21: いよいよフラゲ日🎶 集中して仕事終わらせて早く受け取りに行くんだ!!! そんで #jokerを探せ をやらねば! たくさんの楽しみをありがとう! キスマイのみんなにavexさん! Kis-My-Ft2 / Edge of Days
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sink him; divers; for some days detained species. - @thePoeticRobot
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RT @theisyraf: Ramai je yang LDR but the problem is even its hurt but they sincerely wait for their loved ones, no matter how long…
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RT @MarkHertling: Bold move. As a veteran, is it okay to be offended by this effort + the fact the date of Veterans Day is wrong + t…
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Today has somehow felt like 5 days
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RT @TajinderBagga: Sanjay Raut was dancing on Road from last 15 days and saying they have already 175 MLAs support. Then why they needed 24 hours more ?
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RT @kimbefinosa: Henry Sy died last January 19, 2019 John Gokongwei died two days ago, November 9, 2019 Keep up naman tayo dyan Manny Villar
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RT @harrisalexc: Overflowing canals and drains today in Miami Beach as high tide comes in ~14 inches above predicted levels. It isn’…
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RT @RudyGiuliani: 10 days after @realDonaldTrump was inaugurated, #WB ‘s lawyer, Zaid, tweeted this: “#coup has started. First of ma…
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