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RT @jeonlvr: most big accs ask questions every day like "do you guys sleep on a bed or on the ceiling?" ma are u an stan acc or an admission test
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RT @DrSJaishankar: 70 years of taking India to the world. Congratulate @ICCR_Delhi on its 70th Foundation Day. The essence of Indian…
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RT @bonifacemwangi: Spent the day in Mathare slums and Eastleigh. They don’t fear Coronavirus but the unemployment it has caused, the c…
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RT @DominosMY: By day, an ordinary work-from-home human. By night, a video game-playing phantom thief. Whichever mask you put on,…
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Lowest tide I have ever seen in Brighton (thank you, 🌕). One had to get out at 6.30am, and it was worth it. (I’m no…
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RT @marie_nassar: Good morning Twitter-Friends...Have a beautiful day💗🐶🐱🙋‍♀️🏡🌳🌼🍃💐🌺 #StaySafeStayHome
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RT @SCNIC2015: On 17th Donation day we donated 500 disposable mask to UW Medicine Valley Medical Center, 200KN95 and 300 disposab…
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RT @protectyrbubble: 🐇 Easter Treat #PrizeDraw Day 3 For a chance to #WIN £500 just (1) Follow us (2) Retweet this #EasterTreat3 tweet.…
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RT @nadinesoph: after this ends everyday is date day with boyfriend idc ☹️
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RT @therealjuicyj: We be sleep all day that’s why we up all night high as kite 💨💨💨💨💨
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RT @Rpopp2012: the 28th of February was the last day of payroll for February that's a fact. there was no scheme to take advantage…
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I took a 10-day Vipassana course last year. It taught me that one should accept things as they are. It didn't teach…
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RT @IceBearPH: i miss seeing my friends every day.
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RT @karbala_network: "May my soul be ransom for you; for although you are away, you have never been away from us." On this Day, May our…
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@DonnaCr73299646 Hi Donna I hope you have a lovely day, keep safe. X
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@stephanuscoombs @alanbeattie @PickardJE My most hated song. But thank you for mentioning it as it will now be play…
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RT @ArianaGrande: another super productive day
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RT @ka8895: I mean...only some kind of modern day Nostradamus could have predicted that?
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RT @SeungyounSeason: Woaah yesterday flash listeners count went up to 16,010 people!!! It rises up by around 5,000+ people than the day…
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