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RT @greengodict: Brazilians don't have one day of peace
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RT @Delavegalaw: WAY too late @MilesTaylorUSA. You're not a patriot, or courageous. You sat there and allowed unimaginable, unremedi…
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RT @AlphaXsc2: Want to get your taste bud tingling and your mouth watering? Look no further as @GFUELesports unleashes their new r…
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The day one of my irls finds this account i will live in fear
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RT @hoeefaze: Hey does anyone wanna date for a day just so that we could go on a long drive and kiss while listening to electric love 👉🏼👈🏼
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RT @strwberryswings: it’s frank ocean’s day today everyone else must simply Shut Up
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RT @realDonaldTrump: As a developer long ago, and continuing to this day, the politicians ran Chicago into the ground. I was able to mak…
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' Oh Sorry I Didn't Mean That, I'm Sorry For Thinking You Was Acting Strange,I Had An Crazy Day So I Was The One Wh…
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RT @FreddyJ_Nyezi: This is why I’m scared of walking on the 6th floor eLiesbeeck, because my mind randomly just tells me to do this an…
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@nataliaferng Yea that’s what I was thinking at first, but most of the outer circle is literally people I’ve retwee…
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@kirbysleftovers You can have a little break on Saturday and spend the whooole day with meeee and I’ll give you lot…
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With Dow dropping 900 bones & on 4 day losing streak, went shopping for sales today. Took home some moar $ANTX (ora…
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RT @StevieNicks: Six days until Election Day. #ShowThemTheWay #IVoted
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RT @SAY0NARASH: thats so cute omg 😭😭 imagine albert just having a bad day and asking for william and louis to smile at him and that…
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como subo de peso en una semana y lo bajo en 3 días. im tired of shitting 2 times a day
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Today was the best day of the year so far. Wish it could materialized so I could keep it in a jar until I die.
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// i don't even know why i bother checking every day i don't eat unless i feed myself
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Also I read a kei x takeshi fanfic the other day......never even considered that pairing before but I can see it
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@ajd121 @mommabalter @realDonaldTrump 5) No confirmation that Hunter responded to any emails 6) Security cameras no…
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