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RT @baddanadanabad: me: i wash my hair every day a million voices in unison: NOOO THAT’S SO BAD FOR IT YOU CANT YOU CANT YOU CAAAANTTTTTTTT!!!
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RT @ADHDdesigner: Worst part of ADHD is knowing what need to do to get where you want to go, even going so far as to make an elaborat…
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RT @KChiruTweets: 22Aug నేను పుట్టినరోజైతే 22Sept నటుడిగా నేను పుట్టినరోజు.కళామతల్లి నన్ను అక్కున చేర్చుకున్న రోజు.మీ అందరికి నన్ను న…
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RT @edwardjolmos: To pay us less to work on streaming shows than shows that air on TV.They want to work us longer hours, and shorter…
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Day one @mys_monaco Team @VikingCrew1 … great to be back #industry #yacht ⚓️🇲🇨
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RT @OregonRolledA20: You, a low rank adventurer who got picked the gardener class get bullied by higher ranked adventures trampling your…
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RT @s4m31p4n: I’m addicted to asking the stupidest questions all day
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Hope everyone is doing well today💖 I hope i will post later in the day 😊
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RT @SerenaAhmed14: If you guys don’t like someone, literally block them and don’t give them the time of day….. IT’S THAT SIMPLE
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RT @Scribulatora: Asking why we had an election “just to get the same results” is to misunderstand democracy. We test our well wate…
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RT @MusicallyPan: Day 6 of begging people to watch Centaurworld DO IT FOR HER SHE'S MOTHERLY AND ADORABLE AND I WILL PROTECT HER AT…
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RT @JeffLoveness: Our costume designer at Kimmel made a wedding dress out of CVS receipts in a day. Give IATSE whatever they want.
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@Beaniemonn 🔥🔥🔥
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RT @CBCQueensPark: NEW: Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he wants to make a deal on child care with the Trudeau government. (Ontario and…
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RT @chaser: Oak Milk file for bankruptcy after 1 day without tradies working
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RT @Hoelyyfeels: one day I post 10 stories and the next I disappear for 2 months
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RT @kun_once2129: 샤샤 틋스타 울언니 생일축하해👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🎂💐💝 #HappyNAYEONday #나연 #NAYEON #사나 #SANA #트와이스 #TWICE #원스의_베이비블루러브_임나연…
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It’s the first day of fall and I’ll just be here suffering in CA, land of no seasons and constant heat. I hate it h…
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RT @BleacherReport: Jazz Chisholm Jr. hit the Eurostep after his HR vs. the Nats the other day Josh Rogers struck him out last night a…
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@XicoSR IF 16/8 every day. This is the way! Couple it with cold showers and you’re upgraded.
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