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RT @FaizalKasmani: My daughter darjah 1. One day bila balik sekolah dia mengadu: “Dada masa tengah betulkan tudung depan cermin dalam…
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This season of 90 Day is a snooze... Bring back @DarceySilva
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@aistetteic Have a nice day too nuna
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@BasedZelna Monday at 11pm when it’s gone and I tell myself ima relax and wait a week to get more and ends up buying more the next day
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RT @ISTAmembers: ISTA staff and volunteers are meeting tonight in prepararion for tomorrow's Red For Ed Action Day. We can't wait to…
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RT @awoo_: Today was the first day Virginia legislators could file bills for the 2020 legislative session. I’ve got a lot of b…
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RT @TrumpLadyFran: KANYE West Brings Jesus To Los Angeles & Crowds Go Crazy! Turned One of L.A.'s Most Famous Indoor Venues Into Ou…
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RT @NinerAlex: Alex Smith’s wife posted a small look into the year for Alex. Today would be one year to the day in which he sustai…
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RT @vipinparate84: @SenatorDurbin High skilled visa discrimination is taking lives across this country every day. When will…
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RT @arise_pen: "I'll wait for you" "Maybe one day you'll be mine" Linyahan ni Gino para kay Kiara na madaling nakalimutan ng iba. Sad. KIANO ForGGV
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RT @ajvthegreat: Do we all have the same 24 hours in a day? Yes. Do we all have the same resources while navigating a 24 hour day? N…
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RT @BBeam_o: i took these the other day but didn’t post em so yeerrrrrhereyago
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RT @jazz_inmypants: what if u had to have sex every day during pregnancy to keep building the baby
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RT @In_brief_: 191115 드림쇼 day1 🐰🐰🐰 #재민 #나재민 #JAEMIN #NCTDREAM
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RT @unlockmindset: In one minute you can change your attitude and in that minute you can change your entire day.
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RT @GOPChairwoman: Every day that Pelosi wastes taxpayer time & money with this sham is another day Democrats have not: * voted on…
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RT @KarenKilgariff: Sorry I’m late traffic is exactly how it’s been every day for the past 5 years and I was not expecting that
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RT @ksppppppppp: I long for a long day of adventure.
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RT @AjGiowizil: Waking up late in order to have 2 meals a day
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RT @flirtaeguk: i logged in and taehyung being savage is the first thing i saw today why is he such a sassy king hkjdksj. anyways,…
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