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@chrashwood Ah, disappointing. As someone who grew up drowning in gene expression datasets, I can say there's a lot…
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RT @Cirincione: This is the tactic Steve Cambone used in the run up to the Iraq War when Cheney and Rumsfeld installed him in DOD t…
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RT @druvainc: When you're ready to begin your journey to the cloud, be prepared with simple, scalable and cost-effective data pro…
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RT @androidcentral: Some Samsung customers could access addresses, payment history, and the last four digits of linked payment cards be…
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@AnitaEvans Turns out- they hacked my yahoo mail, and tried to defraud amazon. I feel kinda dirty. They data breach…
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@victoriakkkkkj Eu to tentanto entender como que ele não sabe o seu próprio nome e data de nascimento
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A paucity of data exists on #disorderedeating in people with #TYPE2diabetes and no reliable screening tool is curre…
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RT @SiCk_DiAbLo: Three Years Ago a FISA Report Confirmed Obama Admin Was Sending FISA Obtained Information on Americans to Non Gover…
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RT @ChainLinkGod: "The pairing of innovative financial features like flash loans with systematic reliance on bad pricing data is expo…
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RT @t_toyota: Windows 10は、ML/DL/AI技術を支えるBig Data収集用のソフトウェアセンサーと位置付けられる。このサービスでは、センサーの中身をパフォーマンスやセキュリティなどの視点から独自コードで解析し、システム内の「異様な…
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@naxepher_sanusi Out of service gaba data😂😂😂💔
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RT @nextstrain: Thanks to open data sharing by @PHE_uk, we've updated with the third full genome #SARSCoV2…
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@heartsnark @davegodowsky @googlenest The only reason I wouldn’t switch from nest is security.
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RT @cchcx: 韓国銀行、貨幣殺菌後2週間保管…大邱・慶尚北道地域には新券流通 紙幣も凍結状態??
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RT @Amigo1309: 느낌 더럽다. 항상 문제는 상대에게 있고 자신은 문제를 해결하는 사람인 것처럼 문제의 밖에서 바라보는 언행을 취한다. 나만 그렇게 느끼는 걸까..?
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RT @SteveKingIA: Phil Haney was a friend & patriot. He was a target because of all he knew of Islamic terrorist coverups. He insured…
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Best-Ever Algorithm Found for Huge Streams of Data @QuantaMagazine
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“But now the data exists to show that and hopefully push for progress internally.”
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RT @jasonhickel: This news hasn't been reported yet, but new UN data shows that Costa Rica's average life expectancy has now surpass…
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