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RT @HazamaMihoJapan: 実感わかず😳状態なのですが、私のジャズ室内楽団、m_unitの3枚目のアルバム「Dancer in Nowhere」が、#グラミー賞 へノミネートされました。制作へ関わってくれた仲間に感謝でいっぱいです。またこれを機に沢山の方に聴…
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I’ve realized there’s a huge difference between being a good dancer and a good shuffler.
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RT @jihoonjuseyo: @pledis_17 ✔️vocal unit boss ✔️singer ✔️composer ✔️ lyricist ✔️ dancer ✔️ rapper ✔️ guitar player ✔️ drummer…
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@ClassicMovieHub Best dancer ever , regardless of gender
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RT @ae_ongie: y'all can try to lie but loona would have korea wrapped around their fingers if she was center or even promoted and…
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RT @twoyounggirls: as expected of main dancer jung wheein she danced hyejin's part perfectly
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@YENG_Luisa @YengPLUGGEDin Dancer talaga yan si atwe! Haha. KapagAkoAyNagmahal YengC
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Ji Changmin aka Q from The Boyz is literally the cutest idol I've ever seen. And apart from being very cute he's su…
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RT @lighteuroha: rocky time and time proves how amazing he is as a dancer, and now working with a partner
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RT @ijpttar: So smooth and effortless. She makes it look like drinking water easy. Her dance is delicious, it's got flavour and…
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RT @canine2: Yes Its true, Maybe the Bidens belong on Jerry Springer and nowhere near the White House. Why arent the folks in th…
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@people this makes me sick because she says at the end of the day it is about the dancing... well if you scored all…
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@ClassicMovieHub Some believe Ann Miller was the best female tap dancer ever. My vote goes to Eleanor Powell. In th…
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RT @_badgyalviv: Rum : you know you issa big dancer show , show the people Me :
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RT @ztothek: Twice and their dancer synchronization this is so satisfy to watch 🔥
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RT @nismuel: Woozi é a definição de verdadeiro artista, participa de toda a produção das músicas de svt, tem um vocal impecável…
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Q&A with Juan Castrillón, Ethnomusicology Student and Neyzen. Castrillón will perform the…
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RT @vujoons: korean names are so beautiful like haneul means sky, sarang means love, areum means beauty and kim seokjin means best dancer
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RT @ztothek: Twice and their dancer synchronization this is so satisfy to watch 🔥
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