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RT @kookvtwins: taehyung said he wants to find yeontan a friend but he's afraid his dad won't like and jungkook just— 🥺🥺
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chris evans being 40 simply means that he has entered dilf territory without being a dad and thats all
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RT @AishaYesufu: Sometime in 1989, we had spent all day without food, my parents, myself and 5 siblings. My mum asked my Dad to go b…
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RT @healwithtae: "i want to become a dad who everyone admires" - kim taehyung surely he is going to be the best father, becoming a…
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RT @NeHaReNaViKaR: *Take Forward The Plans We Are Discussing* Penguin & Nepo Dad ! What Plans ? To Ki*ll someone else ? Penguin Key To SSR Murder
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RT @kkline93: กก: นี่รู้มั้ยว่าเฉินเล่อชนะได้รางวัลด้วย เล่อ: ???? กก: BEST DAD เล่อ: 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555…
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RT @Jenk0101: My two year old has been back at nursery 3 days after a positive case. Just been turned away for another 10 days as…
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. @JKJAVMY should have posted this earlier, I almost bergaduh dengan 3 volunteers dekat IDCC sebab diaorang taknak…
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@iIVnDut4ja6oAgw @heart_love_dad 頑張れ👍👍👍
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RT @tapiocakyoudai: FENGFAN: "爸媽 我找到工作啦" "DAD, MOM, I FOUND A JOB" HELP*(^%#*(^&(#
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@dianuuugh BICH I DID SEE YOU AT THE BAR !! we’re u w ur dad? I was drunk and scared to say hi 😭😭
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RT @LindsayCarlohan: @C9Perkz Luka the Bazooka indeed 👑👑👑👑👑
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RT @CroozeA: Gals who resembles there dad is a brother 😌
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such a great night and such a shit night all at the same time, and in the end my friend is in the middle of it and…
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RT @WildPalmsLtd: Alan Turing was a math genius who helped break ENIGMA. His reward? Being convicted as a sex criminal for being gay,…
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RT @thetaeprint: [VIDEO] Taehyung's Wish List 🐯: I wrote this list very honestly 1. To perform for a long time 2. To have a long h…
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RT @hudhaily: Maybe your dad should’ve buried you alive when you were a baby too! To complete the Pagan package!
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Happy birthday sa Daddy ko. Yung bio dad ko ah. 😁 Kakapagod magluto.
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RT @rajpanjabi: My Dad has been a photographer for four decades. Filming weddings is his life’s passion. Prior to COVID, he’d film…
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just realized my step dad is probably count dooku and he is, in fact, gay.
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